Note: This website is no longer being updated with new posts.
Still, it documents an important time in our lives, so we're leaving it on the internet for posterity.

All of the People, All of the Time

You did your worst, America. You had us in your clutches yet again. And you beat us fair and square. We vowed to pace ourselves, to act our age, fulfill obligations, and generally be proactive members of the USA for two weeks. And what did we do? We strolled old neighborhoods, gave in to every temptation, fell down, got up, snow tubed, got badly injured, got very drunk, and one night inadvertently made a nameless woman in Queens livid by keeping a bowling alley open all night. We also took bubble baths (me), visited new babies (malc) and ate steamed pork dumplings (together!). But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Happy New Year and Many Returns, one and all. We’re back, we’re bloated and we’ve got lots of updates to bring you. Keep your pants on, it’s all in good time.

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