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All Up in My Business

To the Mean Old Man who shook his ancient finger in my face and told me to (GODDAMMIT!) keep my dog on a leash – I’m going to eat your family.


Off The Leash on the Beach


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  1. You tell him girlfriend!!

  2. I’m not judging you but I am telling you how I feel as someone who walks my dogs on leashes every day.

    1. I never mind a dog without a leash as long as his owner is nearby, paying attention, and has control over the dog. That means that if the dog starts to run over to me or my dog, or sniff around my picnic basket, pee on something the owner calls or whistles to the dog and it drops everything and returns to the owner. If you don’t have that kind of control over your dog, in my opinion it shouldn’t be off leash. I can’t tell you how many times nice but out of control dogs off leash have terrorized my little dog, Henry, while their owners whistle and shout as their dog ignores them.

    2. If you don’t have your dog under control at all times how do you know where he is taking his poops? And how can you pick it up?

    My two pesos worth.

  3. dogs on leashes? shizzzzzz. Off The Leash Por Siempre. I just started to pick up the poop, after years of yelling at snow birds to stop trying to turn mexico into texas. I do see the point of pickin’ up the poop. but leashes? come on now. let’s get reality-based.

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