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It isn’t always sunny in Yucatan

A morning sky can be bright blue but by afternoon clouds have appeared, while you were in the market, when you weren’t looking up to notice if the sky was gray or what, and suddenly you also see that trees are blowing sideways, exposing their dark side. You say goodbye to the last light patch and watch for the weather to change. A Nor’Easter is blowing the ocean tumultuous, waves crash high on the beach at full tide, erasing even memories of glassy laughing days. Wind howls between close houses. You shut every window, close the curtains, light a candle. It need not rain because there is a constant spray of salt. Sand streams in under the cedar doors as if your house had been moved to Morocco. Waves crash persistently. Wind howls without source or soul. It is dark early, still winter. You close your eyes, walk into the wind and wait for the weather to change again.

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  1. Beautifully written.

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