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A Fluff Piece

Let me just say what we all have been thinking. There is an appalling dearth of marshmallow Fluff in Yucatan, and we’re not going to take it anymore. Fortunately, I believe that we are in a good position to see real change occur, and that’s exciting. I’ll go ahead and outline a few key points:

  1. This is a culture of marshmallow enthusiasts. Plain and simple.
  2. Peanut butter is picking up momentum; you can even find Skippy Super Chunk in many grocery stores and tiendas.
  3. Mexicans have taken Wonder Bread to the next level and its name is Bimbo. Fun Fact: In 1964, Grupo Bimbo introduced sliced bread to Spain.
  4. Milk is about to happen here. There is a television ad campaign that depicts how a child will shatter like glass without the calcium rich goodness of fresh milk. And they are seriously into children. I expect that this is the final and most critical component of preparedness for the Fluff invasion. Long life milk just isn’t up to the job, the job of accompanying God’s little soldier of sandwiches into your belly.

The infrastructure and the demand are already in place. The good people of Mexico deserve this foodstuff. The Fluffernutter is an American icon and at the same time, an iconoclast. It stands up to jelly’s status quo and is perhaps the closest thing we have to Proust’s little prissy madeleine.

The time is ripe for Fluff. What are you going to do to see it through?

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  1. Until such time as the Yucatan is released from its dearth of fluff…

    3 egg whites
    2 cups light corn syrup
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    2 cups sifted confectioners’ sugar
    1 tablespoon vanilla extract


    In large mixer bowl, combine egg whites, syrup and salt. Beat for 10 minutes until thick. Add confectioners’ sugar at low speed. Then add vanilla extract and beat until blended.

  2. Oh, I actually prefer long life milk, especially this new one we found at Mega, called Santa Clara. Cold, rich, goodness in a glass. Entero of course because blue milk should be banned.

  3. Avanya, you are some kind of magician! thank you.

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