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Warning: This Video Will Haunt Your Dreams


For your viewing pleasure: the Argentine band Miranda in a comedic music video for their song Perfecta. Play at your own risk: what transpires here is bizarre and catchy. It’s bizatchy.

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  1. hahahaha, loving it. We always here this song here. First time we saw this video on tv we were equally confused and joyed. Super fun.

  2. hey, I meant ‘hear’ – not here!

  3. I start every day with this video, and here’s what I’ve been able to work out:

    1. The happy “Perfecta” growers are leading an idyllic lifestyle out on the farm , harvesting and canning their Perfecta and enjoying family dinners with lots of milk and toast.

    2. All is not well in the nightclubs of the cities, however, where Perfecta is being used to brew potent cocktails that cause angry boils to erupt on the faces of all who drink them.

    3. Cultures collide at the end, as the (understandably) angry city-dwellers confront the Perfecta farmers. An epic battle ensues, with the farmers emerging victorious. They truly have the last laugh, as from that point forward, they are able to grow their Perfecta fruit larger and better than ever.

    I have no idea what the moral of this story is.

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