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The Times Square-ification of Downtown Progreso

Presumably as part of the beautification of downtown Progreso that we wrote about recently, the city recently erected this electronic billboard on Calle 31, right next to the school, the municipal building, our office, and the town square. Its placement seemed odd, and its purpose unclear…until the electricians unceremoniously lit it off last night. It seems to be a combination electronic billboard and time/temperature display. Hmmm…maybe a good candidate for our first Yolisto billboard?

Time and temperature.

Advertising blocking the sunset.


The locals were similarly suspicious.

All in all, I’m not sure what this means for downtown Progreso, or who thought it was a good idea (let alone demanded electronic advertising in the town square). What’s next? An ESPN Sports Zone, knish carts, and 25 cent peep show booths?

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  1. Thats just odd.

    Almost as odd as the big digital billboard at streetlevel right in the middle of the intersection going to the hotel zone. Because watching t.v. is totally safe while driving don’t ya know?

    Although, it is CANCUN and you’re in Progreso.

    Odd. Just odd.

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