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42 Hours in Playa del Carmen

We have been awfully busy lately, dealing with cars and launching new websites and haven’t had a chance to get away. So when my dear old high school friend Tadd texted from the Atlanta airport that he would be in Playa for the weekend I knew I couldn’t miss the trip. Because Jeep’s out sick and the new Clio is being held up in the DF I had to rely on good ole’ ADO to ferry me to the other side on the peninsula. In truth I like taking the bus, especially alone, it’s a good time to think, read, write and look. Since Malcolm had to stay home and take care of biz I set off on Sunday morning, armed with a swimsuit, two books, an iPod and the traveling garter. For $242 pesos I could get right on a bus to Cancun, rather than waiting and I knew that a shuttle leaves frequently for points south. That last leg was a bit longer than I remembered but cost only $36 pesos and is quite scenic. Tadd met me at the central station located on Quinta Avenida and escorted me to a very breezy bar where I was greeted by his charming friends and a serious frozen margarita. It’s a hot place. There is a lot to see and do especially for a little campesina like me. They had rented a good size house with lots of palapas and a chilly pool and we grilled and drank sangria and played celebrity under the stars.

In the morning Tadd and I opted out of a trip to Tulum to hang out on a locals beach. It was an extremely fine day, much warmer than the weather we’ve been having; we chatted, ate guacamole and drank more margies. We met up with the housemates for snacks and preprandial bevvies, got snazzed up and walked to town for a lovely farewell meal. The servers and staff everywhere there speak pretty great English and are surprised and delighted when you practice your limited Spanish. Once again, there was hardly enough time for all the sightseeing and I vow to return with Malcolm and hopefully soon for eco-touristing, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins and parasailing.

It was a totally spontaneous good time that ended early on Tuesday with a final swim and a solitary meal of French fries at a cafe near that other bus station. The ride home was a long one and I was sad to leave so much undone over on the cool Caribbean. But it is so good to be back where I belong. Thanks to Tadd, Thomas, Dion, Scott, Kent, Patrick, Caroline and Marie for making me feel so welcome. I’ll post a photo if I can find one here somewhere.

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