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How much is that doggie in the garbage? It’s free!

In Mexico dogs live and die by their wits in the streets and hump the heaven out each other every chance they get. And since this is a Catholic country and dogs typically don’t own calendars the birth rate is crazy high.

We have done our share of rescuing, like most other immigrants/part time residents from north of the border. You of course know Olivia, you’ve probably heard of Tripod (who goes by the name Shirley in public for some reason) and some of you (if you attended our post wedding barbeque) saw old Det. Eliot Stabler hanging around the property.

I have become quite fond of our small menagerie in spite of myself and can be quite silly about them, marching around with Olivia in my arms and declaring her a genius, soothing T-pod who suffered some neuro damage in her accident but is sweet and loyal like a lamb, and mostly trying to passively repel E Stab, who spends his day lurking and peeing on our house, hoping to get his swerve on.

The truth is, I just can’t take on another pet. I’ve got work and reading, selfishness and television that take up a lot of my time, not to mention being guilty about not slash planning to take up water color painting or meditation. Clearly, I’m jammed. So if you could, that is, if you live near Chelem and don’t already have between 2 and 7 dogs and want to be loved unconditionally, you might consider adopting the puppy that we found next door on Saturday.

I don’t have a photo of him at present but if you are familiar with the Little Golden Book entitled The Pokey Little Puppy you can appreciate his floppy puppy adorability. Start fresh! He’s a clean slate, without bad habits or behaviors and did I mention he is “cuter than a fat country baby eatin’ peaches off a hard wood floor.”? Feel free to come over to the house and have a looksee later on today.

He’s about 6 inches tall, has a brown patch over his right eye and would be considered being named either Brian or Indiana. Mind you these are just suggestions, you can name him anything you’d like; I happen to be a good namer, that’s all. Thanks very much in advance for your help. Be a hero, rescue Brian! (again, merely a suggestion).

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