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Drop-Ed Weekend: A Capitol Idea

Seems it’s going to be a nasty reversion to winter weekend up North and stormy here as well. If you live in or around Connecticut and have never been to the Wadsworth Atheneum this is your chance. The old Atheneum doesn’t boast a hundred granite steps or a cool glass and metal pyramid structure but it is fun to pronounce, and that counts for something. It is also home to one of my favorite pieces of anything in the world, The Lady of Shalott by William Holman Hunt. I once spent an entire field trip – when I could have been sipping cough medicine and making out – agape in front of this oil on canvas. And right now the museum is hosting an exhibit “Impressionists by the Sea” in which the whole world is depicted as a fully clothed holiday civilizing a wild, unpredictable ocean. Take I-91 to Hartford, make a left on Stodgy Street and a right onto Lieberman Lane, and then another right on Whatever Heights Blvd and you’re there. Tell ’em the girl in the vintage green old man pants from 1995 sent you – they’ll treat you right.

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  1. OMG – I can not believe you – you HATE the pronunciation of the Wadsworth Athenum – I used to drive you crazy with it! Do you remember? You’ve changed, man 😉

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