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Easter Sunday at the Bullfight

Recipe for an ideal Easter Sunday:

  • 1 part sitting on the deck eating shrimp
  • 1 part tequila
  • 3/4 part Controy
  • 1/2 part duck
  • 2 parts off-season bullfight in makeshift ring in Chelem

Serve piping hot and enjoy.

Serving Suggestions:

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  1. Dude, I feel that the ‘stache = win.

  2. 1. Selleck
    2. Reynolds
    3. Me

  3. Time to start wildcatting for oil. And by oil, I mean pornography. And by wildcatting, I mean starring in.

  4. I don’t know who you are but you ought to be ashamed of yourselves attending such a event. You must be mindless morons to appreciate such a disgusting thing — you two and the local retards who enjoy spending time tormenting a poor animal. You all should have been at church celebrating Easter.

  5. While I agree that bullfights are a stupid and cruel version of playing with your food, I’m rather amazed at the alternative you offered. So, exactly which part should he be celebrating at church? The torture, whipping and nailing of a live human to a cross of wood or the vampire like myth that the dead body re-animated or perhaps the gory parts where his old friends got to stick their hands in the wounds?

  6. Well Frank its good to see morons like you still exist in the good old US I just wish I could have jumped into the ring and dispatched the bull myself. Who kills your meat (I mean the one you eat on your plate)for you??

  7. Oh dear, Frank.

    The Mexican bullfight is a big part of culture here, and makeshift rings appear in almost every small town on every major holiday. Without getting into the specifics (a bullfight, in person, can be a beautiful thing, these particular bulls weren’t actually killed, etc etc) I had hoped with my post I had made clear that what was cool about attending this event had little to do with the bullfight itself, but was more about being a part of a big community happening, with the sights, sounds, and smells inherent within.

    Unfortunately, referring to us personally as “morons” and an entire culture on the whole as “retards” reveals your shockingly limited world view. Get out a little bit, and you might find some things that surprise and delight you.

  8. Great shots. (I’m a little worried about the folks sitting on the wall near the bull.)

    Jack looks like he really belongs with you guys.

    I didn’t know you knew Sean Connery!

  9. As a liberal, white upper middle class little lady, I am always shocked and appalled by bullfights.

    As a liberal white lady married to a Mayan campesino, I have to suspend my distaste for bullfights and appreciate the good things about them, many of which Malcolm mentioned (most important for me is the part about sharing in a community happening).

    And when I saw the picture of the meat hanging, I immediately thought…”mmmm….choko lomo, what I wouldn’t do for some of that.” Hubby and his sister used to get sent to sell radishes and cilantro outside the bullfights so that people could do their “one stop shopping” and buy everything needed to make choko lomo.

  10. Great pictures. There will be a wonderfull BULLFIGHT festival in Muna Yuc. this weekend. Its a huge event for the local people, and contrary to some of the posts, quite harmless, lots of fun and a wonderful way to immerse. Is that not why many move here?
    Enjoy life, its to short to fret the bulls.

  11. Malcolm, I’m diggin the facial hair! Did Jillian turn into a red headed hot mexican mama or is that just your wonderin camera eye??

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