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…On a Noontime Plane to Portland

Depart Merida: 12:05
Depart Mexico City: 4: 30
Depart Houston: 9:20
Arrive Portland: 11:59

I hope I’m not misinformed about the time.

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  1. Portland? Why are you coming HERE? It’s cold and wet and rainy in Portland… you’ll likely be the tannest gal around ~

  2. Speaking of Merida-to-Portland flights, does anyone know the best (times, fewest stops) and cheapest flights between the two cities and on which airlines? We can’t seem to find anything lower than $680 RT for May.

    Thanks in advance for any advice. We’re a family of six and you can imagine what a killer cost this is as we go back and forth in preparation for our permanent move to Merida.

    Also are rental cars (for initial rental-hunting) insanely expensive? Are 4-BR rentals non-existent?

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