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The Opposite of Joiners

It’s not that we don’t like you it’s just that we like each other more. We had the best of intentions of meeting other blogging types this weekend on Isla Mujeres, and yet…we stayed close to home. Very close. Within an inch of home’s life. The very epicenter of home: we couched. We watched movies, ate too much, drank just enough and looked out at that other ocean. We played with the dogs and made the bodega into a studio of my own. Malcolm burned garbage in its hole and I read The Dead and this which is hilarious. We talked about swimming but didn’t. We went as far as Telchac, stopped for tequilas at Buddy’s and then hightailed it back.

You have probably, if you know us in real life, more than once invited us out somewhere and we very earnestly insisted that we would see you at the predetermined location for fun and social interaction. And then when we didn’t show up you called and maybe we answered and gave you a lousy excuse about our car being busted, our individual or collective state of physical and/or mental health being low, or something about washing our hair. It’s likelier that we didn’t pick up the phone at all. Don’t be mad. It’s not you; it’s us. We probably discovered something really fantastic on TV – like a Real World/Road Rules Challenge marathon – and simply could not be parted from it.

The Jeep really was in no condition to huff it across the peninsula. And we lost the Paypal debit card last weekend in some kind of vortex of consumerism and regret. If I am not gregarious then I can sigh and feel mysterious. Malcolm forgets that he is less misanthropic. And what would we have done with Olivia? I’m the one who more often complains about being lonely and missing the culture and intrigue of learning and being charming out in the wide world, but…I also often give in to the deliciousness of reading in the dark on a sunny afternoon and waiting for my husband to stir the chili so we can get back to Little Miss Sunshine and/or The Fantastic Four and rock, paper, scissors to determine who will bathe the dog.

You see, we really were terribly busy. But do call again. We’re always free on Fridays.

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  1. I’ve been missing your writing/philosophizing. This was a real treat! Thanks for the “pony” link. In your writing absence, Malcolm has been doing a great job describing Easter bullfights and expat motivations.

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