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Did you know?


That the word Paramus comes from a Native American word meaning “land of the wild turkey” or “place of fertile soil”? Of course you didn’t dum-dumb.

I also now know that Paramus saw some action during the Revolutionary War, it once boasted the world’s largest and brightest drive-in movie screen and that fair city is birthplace of the heavyset rapper Fat Joe, born Joseph Antonio Cartegena.

I am not sure why I read the entire Wiki entry for Paramus, NJ, a city where in 2006 62.5% of the population was registered to vote, but I think I’m a better America for it. It’s all right there in the bulleted Mall History, a subsection under Commerce. Consider me edified bitches.

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  1. Yeah! That Indian on a turkey is in the Paramus Park mall, where I spent many weekends during my adolescence walking the mall to smoke cigarettes. Long live the malls of Paramus. (In Latin in means “we prepare”, I think).

    Love the Jersey shout out!

  2. No.

  3. A journalism professor once warned me to never start an article with a question—most people will probably answer “no” and quit reading, he said.


  4. Nice Jersey shout out! I have shopped many a time in Paramus. There are 7 malls in close proximity. Ahhh the good old garden state. Did you know Jersey is also the US’s largest producer of cranberries? And you thought it was Massachusetts!

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