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It’s all zipwires and peanut butter for those people like 365 days a year

Despite their not having to hold jobs, pay taxes, dress themselves, worry about homeowners insurance, mortgage rates, recession or cholesterol children are going to enjoy a day of grace all day today in Mexico and tomorrow in many more countries around the globe.

If by some chance you are a child who has stumbled across this site I would like to mention that overalls make you look like you’ve got a load in your pants. Also, I know this guy named Fagan who could really help you out. Bah Humbug, etc.

When is it Useless 29-year-olds Day? Sometime in August?

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  1. “If they have a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day, how come they don’t have a Kid’s Day?!!!”

    My Mom: “EVERY day is Kid’s Day!”

    Now, let’s have a show of hands from those whose moms pulled that one on ya.

  2. I just stumbled into work to find out that today is Mexican Labor Day and a national holiday which means all the little niñas y niños have yet another day off. I of course have to work and any place except Oxxo is closed for lunch today. Figures. Bah humbug indeed.

  3. Don’t discount Oxxo for lunch…Progreso’s only source for Snyder’s pretzel sandwiches.

  4. “When is it Useless 29-year-olds Day? Sometime in August?”

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