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When I Was Red

On or about Summer 1999 I was a Communist for a long time. To get a sense of what constituted a serious commitment of passionate activity, imagine a pie chart of my life at this age with 33% dedicated to reading; 33% dedicated to drinking; 33% dedicated to pondering/wandering/moping and 1% dedicated to considering social injustice and the redistribution of wealth. Emma Goldman I was not. I attended a few lectures and glanced at some pamphlets. I was in it more for the romance than the politics. But who wasn’t?

It was in those lazy, hazy days I learned that May Day has another meaning. Yeah, get this. It’s isn’t all ribbon wrapped poles and pagans and pageantry. It’s International Workers Day. It was celebrated here this morning with a loose parade and intermittent fireworks. Maybe it’s more militant in other parts of Mexico but in Yucatan it’s another chance to hit the snares and march and feel proud and enjoy the sun. These days I’m swayed more toward Walpurgis Night than Workers Rights but all the same I am a happy witness to the festivities.

communist party

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  1. Between them, the men depicted in the picture are directly responsible for the deaths of at least 110 million men, women and children – more than double those killed by the world’s NAZI and fascist regimes (which they spawned). They are also directly responsible for pain, hunger, suffering and sickness on an unimaginable and unparalleled scale. Despite this you are ‘happy’ to witness their achievements being celebrated. Personally I think your time might be better spent reading up on the death and destruction communism has caused wherever it has been practised – and maybe even regretting your previous support of such a repulsive ideology.

  2. Rock out with your Eastern Block out.

  3. These comments are hilarious.

  4. englishman is obviously not your average comrade.

  5. I love the word ‘comrade’…except I like to spell it with a K instead of a C and I always turn the R around like one of those crazy Russian R’s. While I’m on the subject, what’s with the Russian written language? I mean, I’m familiar with most of the letters but what’s with those backwards R’s and the 3′s and 4′s and shit? You can’t have numbers in your alphabet!

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