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What You Get For…$50.00 Pesos


1 banana
1 cantaloupe
1 mamey
1 pineapple
2 mangoes
7 ciruelas (tiny plums)
8 limes
1 coco, bien fria, with straw

Everything but the sipping coconut came from the Progreso mercado. The Ciruelas pictured are sweet and amazing but others I sampled, with yellow skin, were more sour and hard. Mamey is an acquired taste, to mine like cream pie and Jergen’s hand lotion. You could probably get a better price if you barter, but I get too excited among all the ripe fruit.

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  1. isn’t the fresh fruit here the most amazing thing. I am with you on mamey, most people I talk to don’t like it for one reason or another, I do.
    I also love the zapotes.

    we have women that walk around the hood selling the treasures from their yards. I like to buy from them first, then go to the kiosk on the square and buy whatever else is needed. I love that i only need to buy one or two pieces cause he’ll still be there manana.

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