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I wouldn’t say I’m through with you but I’ll tell you when I’m gone

No, silly, it’s not the clap; it’s a different kind of wanderlust. I have an itch. An urge. A desire to roam if I want to. Maybe because it’s getting so hot you want to lay naked under white sheets all day and alternately sip cucumber juice in the salty, salty ocean or maybe it’s that almost-June-end-of-school-yippee feeling that’s pulling me somewhere. Maybe it’s a phase of the moon. I just feel like I need a goin’. I thought I felt like going home but that’s not it exactly.

The list grows longer. Cities, countries, continents, deserts, mountains, plains. Every other day I read about a place that sounds cool and remote or hear about another friend’s adventures in Latvia or Timbuktu. London has been calling for an awfully long time and I’ve memorized the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires as if there’ll be a quiz. Obviously Morocco, and that means doing Spain as well, Halifax, Kerala, Cyprus, Croatia, Philadelphia, Auckland, Umbria. I long for myriad city skies I’ve never seen and foods I haven’t tasted.

I’m sure there’s more to do here and we’re only getting settled, and yet, somewhere else is calling me from across a distant ocean in a language I don’t recognize.

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  1. yo blood,
    cross london off your list unless you like a contol freak police state. the rest of places sound tempting. i live in a hippy valley in south spain under the shade of the Siearra Nevadas near Granada. anyone can come and live in tippees yurts vans etc. come visit. i think you may have my disease. my dad calls it “yucatanitus”, a desire to move on, in this particular symptom it is to yucatan merida. i dont know why???????????????????????????? i am thinking of uprooting whole family, 2 kids an wife to come hang in your side of world.respect

  2. Sorry orgivan, but having lived in the UK, Mexico and the US, among other countries, I can honestly say that life in the UK is much, much more free than life in the US. The US is definitely the police state right now. There is much more freedom of speech, the press and life in general in the UK.

    Jillian, if you ever want travel advice, ask away. I’ve travelled to 72 countries around the world and travel is my greatest passion.

  3. Yes I have lived(not traveled to) from the middle East through SE Asia almost everywhere but Australia. London is great specially if you like being on camera at all times as in Big Brother. Glad to see you’ve been counting your country’s. You’d-get a better feel if you stayed in each place for at least a year, otherwise you know nothing except what clothes they wear

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