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Jung Americans

“to be free and truly mature we have to separate from culture and society.”

I was well stuck in my Life Before Mexico. And perhaps with perserverence I would have gotten out of that attic apartment and found work that was more meaningful. But honestly I’m not sure.

It was too easy for me to sleep through the protracted latency of 20-something life in 21st Century America. I needed more than a logical journey from one experiment in occupation to the next, back and forth from New York to New Haven, closing bars and opening restaurants and keeping a college anthology in my bag as if at any moment the final would finally be administered and I would finally!be rewarded for failing so excellently at adopting a successful adult pursuit. It wasn’t working for me; I could’t get any momentum. Unlike Matthew “Hooters” McConaughey in Dazed and Confused, I kept getting older, and I stayed the same age.

Separation is the culmination of a person awakening from a world of drudgery and despair to pursue a higher calling.

By the Power of Grayskull it feels good to get up in the morning. Diffifult, lonely, and alien at times, but never dull. Danger and opportunity around every corner, etc. Stay Tuned, Kids. Next week on We Can Be Heroes, Initiation, from childish behaviors to self-reliance.

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  1. hi jillian…yer quote caught my eye. i’ve been here in mexico for all 5 of my fast flying post college years, freed and truly maturing it would appear. i was looking for information on San Crisanto for a guidebook i’ve been employed in writing and found your blogs. i also thought i’d come to mexico and find peace and grayskull’s power and write about it for my paisanos back home…for the time being, i mostly wash clothes and feed the various mouths that come to me when their bellies are hungry. we’ll see what comes next. best of luck to you in the meantime.

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