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Still, it documents an important time in our lives, so we're leaving it on the internet for posterity.

What Do You Do When The Lights Go Out?

At precisely 7 o’clock on Wednesday night the village of Chelem goes dark. The flat screen snaps off and the ceiling fans slow to a stop in 15 seconds.

It occurs often enough that for a minute we just sat and waited patiently for our power to be restored. It is usually a momentary lapse and then its right back to blue-lit whirring, humming, cooling and entertaining. The chicken kept on frying in the dark so we pulled a six pack of Victoria out of the fridge with dexterity and went out to investigate the neighborhood. Since it was still gloaming we decided to take the Jeep for a tour of Chuburna to the west, to wait out the outage and enjoy the breeze.

Still no lights when we got back so we lit every candle and opened a bottle of wine. We played UNO and Malcolm won every time. We sat on the deck and looked at the stars and the ocean. We talked, as we do every minute of every day but it somehow was more profound in the dark. We stayed up late and waited to rejoin the civilized/civic world and just after my head hit the pillow at midnight the machine came back to life with a demigod pop.

It was morning again and the liquid candles were burning with hubris against the new day sun.

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