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Photonotes from a 30th Birthday in Cancun

Jillian planned a fantastic mini-vacation from our lives (which, incidentally, look an awful lot like a vacation, anyway) to celebrate my 30th birthday in Cancun. Though we only spent a few days, we had an absolute ball, and I entered my third decade in style. A few quick photo notes:

Pre-check in at the Westin, a lovely hotel on the quiet end of the hotel zone in Cancun. Honestly, we could have stayed anywhere; sleeping in a temperature-controlled environment and taking a break from having a bed full of sand were the main goals.

For some reason, Jillian sometimes looks in photos as though she is sitting for her fourth grade class picture.

I have never been more wet in my life, than I am in this photo. Reminder: add waterfall to new swimming pool design.

On the morning of my actual birthday, we went parasailing on the ocean side of the hotel zone. Total flight time: 10 minutes. Jillian wished there had been more safety measures in place. I kind of did, too.

When you turn thirty, you immediately begin showing your approval of your environment or situation by flashing the globally-recognized, “thumbs-up” sign in photographs. It is inevitable. Whippersnappers, you’ll do it too, and you will feel like a dork afterwards.

Please also note that this is the point at which I began getting hideously sunburned.

Playing tourist is the most fun you can ever have. Eating $14 hotel cheeseburgers is not.

The beginning of the hotel zone in Cancun, also commonly referred to as the, “Need weed? I got good weed, amigo. I got coke, you like coke?” zone.

At the restaurant THAI, we enjoyed one of the best thai meals of our lives, the night of my actual birthday. We may need to make the three hour drive regularly, just to feel the warm embrace of curry in our lives.

Merida? Nope, it’s Valladolid, where we stopped on the way home. It is gorgeous, but I was a little freaked out by how isolated it is. Nothing but jungle for miles in all directions.

Valladolid’s other similarities to Merida? I get hot there, and men in hats don’t acknowledge my presence.

All in all, it was a fantastic 30th birthday, and I really want to thank both Jillian, who did all of the planning, and everyone who joined us at La Pinata for the send-off the night before. I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate myself, and I am glad you all were there to help!

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  1. I’m glad you had a wonderful vacation, and that you got to experience a few Cancun restaurants during your trip. Thai is a great place and so is Casa Tequila, which is in one of your pictures. I hope you had a chance to sample some tacos there because they are fantastic tasting. It’s too bad you weren’t celebrating just a week or so later, so you could have spent your birthday swimming with sharks, whale sharks that is, really there is a tour to do that and they do not bite, LOL!!!

    Thanks for sharing your pics with us,
    Eric Rabinowitz-Author
    PEOPLE’S CHOICE GUIDE CANCUN Travel Guide & Survey Book

  2. Wish I’d been there! You wouldn’t have gotten sunburned, or course, because of the constant mom-nag. I want to try parasailing, safety or not…and, if Jilly looked as adorable as she looks now in the fourth grade, you never would have stood a chance!
    Love you both!

  3. Happy belated birthday! One of my sisters says that 50 is the new 30, so that would make you 10. You look fantastic. I so wouldn’t card you.

    Great pics, very fun!

  4. Malcolm, when one turns 30, one has COMPLETED three decades of living so you are not entering your third decade but your FOURTH decade; thereby making you ten years older than you thought!!!!

  5. Alright already. :)

  6. Malcolm, you old fart. Happy birthday bro. Wish I could have been there to buy you obscene amounts of tequila shots and throw up the thumbs-up after each one. One word of warning; soon you’ll start thinking puns are funny too.

  7. I hope I never think puns are funny.
    Awesome birthday yo! I’m giving you 2 thumbs up for that mustache right now.

  8. Belated in did, but chock full of love nonetheless – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You guys look amazing – sounds like an absolutely fabulous trip. I gather that you fuelled up completely before departing cancun – lesson learned! BIG HUG!

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