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I was buzzing around the Bitten blog, procrastinating, making travel plans, when I noticed a recipe with reference to a certain Yucatan fishing village down the road a pace. A shout-out to the Cuda (or I dare say the Shark?), very cool. Reading on, I happened upon this quote in a post about peas:

while listening to music and looking forward to dinner

and I decided then and there, now and here that this is to be the title of my memoir. The hour before dinner is my favorite time of day, liminal. Snacks and drinks, the cozy dark in winter or magical green twilight in summer, the anticipation and let’s all come together, social yet familial unpacking of the day.

And the soundtrack? Motown, duh.

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  1. California cocktail hour…snackaritos! Perfect! Familial unpacking coming soon…

  2. Brilliant, just brilliant! Missing you and wishing you could be here to share some red wine in the chilly winter.

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