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Come As You Are or That’ll Fix Her Wagon


Tripod’s trip to Planned Pethood was a great success. She’s puppy free and clean as a whistle. Dr. Nelson and everyone there are gentle, kind, thoughtful and thorough. Pod’s in the cone until next Tuesday and in high spirits as you can see.

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  1. Awwww. Scary difference from when Olivia went…Tripod’s looking positively Elizabethan!

  2. I don’t think those cones get put to enough use on people.

  3. Wait, did your dog get an abortion?

  4. Be considerate of baby ears, please Sarah. Indeed, she did have a schmeschmorshan.

  5. Well if she wants someone to talk to, my friend’s mom’s dog also had an abortion. Additionally said dog was appropriately named Baby after Dirty Dancing. (yes I know Baby wasn’t the one who got an abortion, but still.)

  6. I had a cat I named Tripod because she was missing a front leg…Is that the case with your dog? I loved my Tripod dearly and had her for 17 years…she was remarkable…

  7. Yes. When we found Tripod, who our housekeeper inexplicably calls, “Chakala,” one of her back legs was hurt, and she carried it pulled up to her when she walked/hopped/ran. It didn’t appear to hurt her, so we didn’t want to needlessly put her through the pain of an operation to repair it. Now, a year later, she uses it, and walks normally! Quite miraculous! When she runs, though, she still pull the one leg up tight, and doesn’t use it, like some kind of robot. It’s incredible.

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