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Positive! Positive Positive Positive!

I have a tendency to forget. Why I wanted a break from the States and why being here was at first so enthralling. There are things I really love and appreciate about living in Mexico. Lets see if I can name a few…

As mentioned in a previous post, I cherish the personal freedom to treat myself with pharmaceuticals. Additionally, I can buy my own contact lenses without an exam or presciption in hand. Yesterday I walked into a shop on Calle 29 and asked for my number, 4.25. They were out so I bumped up to 4.50 and now I can see through skulls! It is awesome!

Babies who wave at you and look at you like you are marvelous and kids who ask you what you are doing when you´re reading on the combi when clearly that is all you are currently up to and when you explain this in brief he is satisfied and goes back to looking out the window. Combis can be great fun.

okay, pills, babies, combis, sure, sure sure, the obvious ones, but what else…

scooters. cute couples on scooters, two fat girls on scooters with their colorful spandex butts and bellies, scooters piled wide and high with families and shopping. Scooters are adorable and make so much more sense in These Economic Times. There are many things you cannot do in a scooter but I bet there are things I have never heard of that are not just possible but fantastic.

privacy and quiet. I can remember living in a Brooklyn apartment and feeling sick and stifled by all the bodies constantly around me. They are under, over and around you at home, pressed up against you on public transportation and restaurants and always in seeing, smelling and hearing distance no matter where you go. I know you shouldn´t wish for solitude in New York because you end up with some kind of post plague scenario but sometimes you just want to get to work without seeing a guy clip his fingernails and eat a samosa.

The VIP room. The Dark Night. a reclining chair. Black Label on the rocks. Tell me what you think of the movie when you can get tickets two weeks from now, Americans.

Everything to do with The Current Economy goes without saying. And really this is more about what is positive in Mexico rather than negative in America, but I should mention that not having to think about gas prices is great. And not pumping my own. Gas attendents are mandatory. As are housekeepers. Not for everyday; I don´t mind the dishes but the floors?! I never want to mop another floor again. Plus, Fabuloso is aptly named. That shit smells awesome and works for damn near everything.

Speaking of Mexican panaceas, there is a wealth and breadth of yogurt options. I dont happen to care for the taste but it is comforting to know it is there. I also have grown to appreciate Muriotic acid. Clogs and enemies of all types, beware. ´

No matter where I am there are things I love and loathe and it is always good to remind myself why I here and how terrifically lucky I am to be.

Addendum: though this post was at its end I am currently witnessing at a kid wearing a T shirt that reads Dont Get Your Bikini Bunch and that in itself tells the tale. There is a lot of humor, intentional and inadvertent infused in everyday life and that is a big one for me.

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  1. You’ve convinced me, Jillian! Have you re-convinced yourself? I, too, love the combi experience wherever I might be going. And quiet when I want it. But most of I love your writing. Keep talking out loud with yourself and letting all of us eavesdrop occasionally.

  2. This made me sniffle.

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