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If You´re Ever in Progreso and You Need to Get Online


Careminet laundry service and long distance phone call shop plus loteria desk also happens to be the best internet cafe in progreso. Yeah, I was as surprised as anybody. You may not be aware that I have been coming attcha from various spots in Progreso last week and today rather than nestled in the office. My Mac is down and rather than paying $1400 pesos for a power cord from the shop in Merida I am waiting for a replacement from the States and in order to work and communicate I have been hopping from one little place to another.

My biggest complaint about the two locations I was frequenting (on 29 and 31 respectively) is that for a mouse pad they use dirty bits of old baby blanket taped to the desk. That is just disgusting. Secondly, it is about 9 degrees in there. Third, there are too many teenagers, yilk. Mm, thats about it. They are fine places for checking your mail or making sure the world outside hasn´t blown up but for sitting 5 hours a day and typing? not so much.

Last time I was dropping off the wash I noticed the spanking new machines here in the unairconditioned lobby of Caremenit. Flat screen monitors, new towers, and actual mouse pads. So here I am. I have a rack of Breton crackers and a can of coke thanks to Old El Paso and I am sitting comfortable enjoying a snack and working. Sure, there are distractions. This is a prime place for playing the annoying gambling game machine which I still dont understand and theres the general chatter of a place of business but it is much better than the other options.

Well, I think that is all I have to say about that. Sorry we didn´t have the ha-has we usually do together but I am just trying to be direct. Informative is not really my forte. Oh yeah, it is located on 31 and 29 more or less, kind of next ot Rikos pizza and across from Optica Rejon. Costs maybe 10 pesos an hour.

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  1. Should it be noted that the picture is not actually what the front of the cafe looks like? Also, “sorry we didn’t have the ha-has” made me laugh out loud, even 3,000 miles away.

  2. Umm, 29 and 31 don’t actually intersect, so am confused as to where this place is.

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