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Renovating Our Beach House: Volume 2.1

Though we are still mid-project on our bedroom renovation, I felt it was necessary to show you the current photos in order to inspire in you, the reader, the same sense of shock and awe that we are feeling right now. I’ll say one thing: the bedroom has a lot better airflow than it used to.

When we first pulled into the driveway, we immediately knew something had changed.

The big hole in the front will (eventually) become a big pair of french doors opening directly to the outside, and the (hypothetical) pool. The hole on the right will become sliding wood doors, opening into a new closet; the first in the house. The smaller hole in the back will become a floor-to-ceiling window, giving the bedroom an ocean view. The small white door opens to our bathroom, with the house’s only shower.

Detail of the hole for the closet, with supports in place so half the house doesn’t collapse. The faith that Mexican masons put in tree branches is astonishing, but they work every time. Sorry about the lighting.

View from the inside…out.

This is what you see when you get out of the shower. It’s a lot like that dream where you’re naked in public. For bonus points, find Tripod, who thinks this whole thing is ridiculous.

I have to admit, the whole thing is definitely a little spooky. Keep in mind, this was a perfectly functional house, before we decided to go ahead and punch big holes in half of it. It’s also really hard to get used to the idea of houses and construction being totally liquid; walls go down, walls come up, and our masons beam with a confidence that I am envious of.

This was just a snack; we’ll be back atcha in a couple of weeks with the official update in our “Renovating Our Beach House” series, with before and after pictures, video, and more. And if you haven’t read what we’ve done already, be sure to check out the “Related Posts,” with links right below this entry.

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  1. Neat! I know, those poles are used everywhere, often with multiple pieces of wood and cement blocks to shim them up. Our construction guys also strung their hammocks from them! Should be great water views all around when you’re finished.

  2. OMG!
    I raised a gutsy boy…love you!

  3. [...] may remember when we teased you a few weeks ago with the unofficial “Volume 2.1” in the never-ending, 3,000 volume “Renovating Our Beach House” [...]

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