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Most Intellectual, Hip, & Edgy? Awe, Shucks!

We definitely didn’t notice as soon as we should have, due to our unannounced, self-imposed sabbatical from Dropped In…but it seems our little website has won an award!

Okay, it’s a blog award from another blog, but it still made us blush. Our friends Nancy and Paul over in Mazatlan have been running their “Countdown to Mexico” blog since long before they made the leap into Mexico, and it is on our daily list of must-reads. They recently ran their “First Latin American Blog Awards,” which makes for a great roundup of some of the best blogs about living in Mexico available…particularly as it includes us as winners in the “Most Intellectual, Hip, & Edgy” award.

Thanks, Nancy and Paul…we are thrilled to get the recognition. (We also wonder why no one ever called us “edgy” or “crass” in our offline lives.) If you haven’t yet started following along as Nancy and Paul start their new lives, you owe it to yourself to get on over there to check it out.

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  1. Hola Hip and Edgy Ones — Congratulations !!

    I have been following Dropped In and had wondered where you were. I also follow Countdown to Mexico and you are both included as links, Countown in the Sonora section and Dropped In in the Yucatan section, of my new blog Beto’s Rambunctious Rambles.

    If you have any obscure blog links I might include, please shoot me an email with the URLs.

    Abrazos — Beto

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