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Vault Over Country

If the corpse and the baby maker are proffered the White House this November , as it looks likely to happen since the hot grandma to be hit the ticket, I am considering defecting to Canada. I know, I know, I already live in Mexico and threatening to move to Canada is one those those SWPL cliches but splitting my time between these ever more reasonable two countries may be more feasible than reentry into the hostile meat in the North America sandwich. Plus if you have been keeping up you know I need a break from the heat.

The United States may become merely a nice place to visit in between the extreme climes and moderate attitudes of her oft-maligned neighbors. The easy goin’ livin in fair Mexico and lay-say-fare of vast Canadia is just so appealing. The spacious skies and amber waves of grain may not be bosomy enough to lure me back to a country that outlaws abortion and constantly mongers war. When education is slandered as elitism and criticism of the status quo is no longer considered a birthright based on our Constitution it may not be a land I love any longer.

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  1. Hola Malcolm & Jillian –
    After my post yesterday on Beto’s Rambunctious Rambles,, entitled Hockey Mom — Oh My !!, I was honored with a post by Paul at Hammock Musings from Merida. He mostly focused on my new blog, but included a bit about having hoped to avoid politics, etc. by moving to Mexico. When I noticed your post today, I thought, see, some other’s think about it once in a while also. To be clear, I was not in the least offended by his post, in fact I was honored. And, I loved your post. Mexico is a good choice, and to be sure, the expat community will never be clear of political/social rambles.
    Abrazos — Beto

  2. Oh Canada, our home and native land! I feel very fortunate to have the choice of living in Canada or Mexico, as you say, they are both certainly more reasonable than the good ole USA. The last time I went home I traveled through the US and had problems with INM because I was pregnant. They kept saying “You can’t come to the US to have your baby”. I’m standing there with legal rights in two fantastic countries, why on earth would I want to have my baby in the US illegally and at great expense??

    On behalf of Canada, welcome. EH.

  3. I have been lurking from a distance for some time and I have really enjoyed reading about your great adventures. So much so that I visited Merida late last year to check things out. I was welcomed warmly by the people of Merida whom I had the pleasure of meeting. I felt so terrible knowing how badly they would be treated had they have visited my home town. My wife and I have been discussing a move to Merida if the political situation here does not improve. With two school age children I know such a move from our familiar digs in North Carolina would be a huge upheaval. However, I also think that the endless war in which we seem to be invested threatens continued upheaval in our society. Not to mention, the absolute fiscal mismanagement of the USA threatens the economic stability of the future of my children.

    So….. if the fertile mother and corpse actually win…. our family will have to sit down at (our only) dinner table and seriously explore a move to either MX or Canada. We can only hope that sanity prevails. I hope both of you make sure and send your absentee ballots in!

  4. Wow, how enlightened, how progressive you liberal feminists are, attacking a candidate because she is … wait for it … a mother! Heaven help us that a woman with children might actually achieve a position of authority; god forbid she might be freely elected by her fellow countrymen. Shouldn´t she be back in the kitchen baking cookies with the kids or changing nappies? … Oh, silly me, I must have confused you with an old-fashioned, reactionary, right-wing bigot. You´ve REALLY come a long way, baby!

    As for referring to a man who has faithfully served his country all his life as a corpse, well that´s unworthy of comment so shan´t be making one.

  5. Wait a minute…Jillian is a liberal feminist? That’s it, I want a divorce.

  6. It´s so easy to hate, so hard to justify that hate, eh, Malcolm? Far better to be glib and flippant and hope the issue goes away. Anything to avoid explaining the reasons for your hatred – either to yourself or to your readers.

  7. Our blog, much like the Republican’s America, is not a place for open discourse. What we opine is Gospel. So please back off.

  8. Wait a second. First of all, glib and flippant is what I’m all about. It may not be for everyone, but then again, who thinks they are going to change the world or “make an issue go away” (we are talking about the presidential election of the United States, after all, not Susie the Office Girl getting groped in the copy room), by commenting rabidly on a random blog comment thread?

    Second, whoever said anything about me hating anyone? I don’t hate anything, and have nothing to explain. Jillian can post anything she likes…that’s what it’s like when your website has your name on it.

    Finally, Jillian nailed it. If you are looking for serious political discourse, with all the associated overwrought hand-wringing and actual discussion of the issues, you’re probably wasting your time on our site.

    There’s a lot of others. The Internet is Serious Business.

  9. I find it quite interesting that republicans are taking the high road on Sarah Palin, ready to attack anyone who questions her fitness to run the country based on family obligations. The argument, of course, is that it’s anti-feminist to raise these issues, and the Democrats are being hypocrites. Putting the republican treatment of Hillary aside, my ire is up on another count: all of a sudden the argument is that male candidates are not typically asked about fitness for office because of family obligations, therefore, it is wrong to ask these questions of Sarah Palin. Well, last I checked neither Obama nor McCain for that matter, used more than half of their convention speeches talking about their families, specifically using them as a primary appeal to voters. You can’t have your cake and eat it too….isn’t that a republican ideal…?

  10. Oh, and by the way Mexicano, I also find it interesting that you chose to ignore the context of Jillian’s comment and focused in on her obviously flippant labels for the rebublican team. It is actually quite clear to me that Jillian’s primary concern is not that McCain is the oldest candidate to ever run or that Sarah Palin has 5 children – A little more important is that they have social and financial policies that exclude people and try to define America in narrow and close-minded way. Oh, but that’s exactly what you would focus on, because a notable Republican tactic these days is try to make Democrats look like narrow and close-minded to deflect attention from themselves.

  11. Firstly, Jillian. If you think Republican America is not a place for ´open discourse´ (by which you of course mean left-wing rhetoric) then I´m afraid the term has lost all meaning. With reference to, say, Saudi Arabia or Iran you would have a valid argument, but not the USA. Indeed it´s hard to think of a country where ópen discourse´ can be more easily practiced. How else could it be when a person like Michael Moore is the leading documentary maker, the NY Times is the leading paper, and Barack Obama is the leading contender for the presidency itself? How exactly are they being censored by the right? If anything, the advent of political correctness has tipped the balance sharply against those who do not agree with the new liberal orthodoxy, despite the Republicans being in power.

    Malcolm. Glib and flippant is alright with me in some contexts but when used as a debating technique it borders on the pathetic (juvenile also springs to mind). Secondly, my comment about hating was a reference to your wife´s attack on McCain and Palin – it was only addressed to you insofar as you appeared to be answering on her behalf. Lastly, of course she can say what she wants – it´s her blog. But as long as there is a comments page I can´t see why readers shouldn´t challenge her views from time to time, especially the more obnoxious ones. Of course, you´re also welcome to censor any such opposition – another favourite liberal debating technique, after all – but that would be hypocritical coming from such staunch defenders of ópen discourse´ as you guys, right?

    As for you, Danielle, I am not questioning Palin´s ´fitness to run the country based on family obligations´ – those are your words, not mine. The issue had never even crossed my mind. I am merely questioning Jillian´s attack on Palin for being a ´baby maker´, as if this in itself disqualified her from running for high office. Despite a flurry of comments I still have not had an explanation. As for your second comment, trust me I´d be only too glad to debate the other points, it´s just that they´re not the ones that prompted me to write. Here´s one for example – Palin is attacked for being a ´baby maker´; Obama is not attacked, despite sanctioning baby killing (check his record re the legal killing of infants that survive abortions). How come? And what does this say about you liberals?

  12. We have never censored anyone on any of our websites, and I resent the implication. I have also never taken a political position, nor made my allegiances clear, one way or the other, so I am not sure why I am being attacked as being a liberal, though I do love abortions. In fact, I am crazy for ‘em.

    Anyway, as I tried to gently suggest before, every blog has an audience, and there are certainly some that would delight in your clearly active participation. This one, it seems, may not be it. I bow before your superior intellect and well thought out counterpoint techniques, and really, I just am kind of exhausted by you. Let’s move on, shall we?

  13. Sorry to disappoint you, I find myself strangely drawn to your blog and will continue to be a reader and occasional commentator.

    The reference to censorship sprung from Jillian´s comment – ´Our blog, much like the Republican’s America, is not a place for open discourse. What we opine is Gospel. So please back off´. A veiled threat of censorship? Let the jury decide.

    Your political allegiance is academic insofar as this debate is concerned. You entered into it in defence of your wife who, by her own admission, has held extreme leftwing views. If you can´t stand the heat, stay out of the debate.

    By the way, will I ever get an answer to the question I raised at the beginning of this thread regarding the reasons for her hatred of Palin and McCain for being a mother and an old man respectively? No, I thought not.

  14. In an effort to put an end to this nonsense I have elected to reply.

    I don’t hate Sara Palin because she loves pooping out infants; I hate her because she is provincial and proud of it and that isn’t what being the second in command of the most powerful country on earth is really about. I don’t hate John McCain at all, I just don’t think he is the best man for the job and I really don’t want him dying in office so that the Bible-humping beauty queen becomes the president. This argument is absurd and the fact that my typically irreverent tone is interpreted as calling into question her choices about reproducing is so not the point. The point is that she isn’t fucking qualified.

    Let’s call it a day, I’m exhausted.

  15. I think one of the things that is strange about blogging is that commenters feel that a post is an invitation to debate. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t. I’ve been challenged occasionally when I have stated my opinion, and it has caused me angst while I decided how to respond. Once I got myself embroiled and the latest time I ignored the post.

    I think anyone who reads you guys regularly knows that you are liberal politically and that you love to describe things in colorful ways.

    Some people just can’t resist a chance to argue their beliefs. They’re entitled to do that, but I don’t see the post you made or your blog being the right place for that.

    I think you showed great restraint. I’m exhausted for you.

  16. You´re so right, Nancy. It´s really strange how some people see the comments section of a blog as a place to post their … what´s that word, ah, yes … comments. Heavens, what will they think of next – writing letters to the letters page of a newspaper? Heck, I thought that was the whole point behind blogs – some people choose to stand on a soapbox and opine while others get to opine back. Maybe I missed something, but what does seem strange is that nobody has challenged this convention on this blog until today. Stranger still that this comes in the wake of being called to account for what were rather obnoxious and offensive comments on the blogger´s behalf.

    By the way, Nancy, I see on your blog that you´re delighted that someone is pregnant. I´m happy for you but wonder how you feel about Jillian´s use of the term ´pooping´with regard to the impending birth?

  17. Even Palin’s own State Republican leaders are very concerned about this pick:

    Alaska’s Republican State Senate President: Palin Not Prepared, Thought Pick Was A Joke. “State Senate President Lyda Green said she thought it was a joke when someone called her at 6 a.m. to give her the news. ‘She’s not prepared to be governor. How can she be prepared to be vice president or president?’ said Green, a Republican from Palin’s hometown of Wasilla. ‘Look at what she’s done to this state. What would she do to the nation?’” [Anchorage Daily News, 8/29/08]

    Alaska’s Republican House Speaker Has Nothing Positive To Say About Palin’s Qualifications. “State House Speaker John Harris, a Republican from Valdez, was astonished at the news. He didn’t want to get into the issue of her qualifications. ‘She’s old enough,’ Harris said. ‘She’s a U.S. citizen.’” [Anchorage Daily News, 8/29/08]

    This was said right after the choice was made. Of course, the republican mafia has descended upon AK and has effectively intimidated anyone from saying anything further, including the 7 ppl who were set to testify willingly in troopergate but now say they must be legally compelled to do so.

    As we can see here and elsewhere… criticize Palin at your own risk.

  18. Mike, just to clarify I am in no way opposed to criticism of Palin and her selection on rational grounds. For that reason I have not, for example, defended Jillian´s accusations of her inexperience, etc.. Compared to someone like McCain she does indeed seem inexperienced (though compared to the former community leader running for the Dems she seems relatively worldly). All I challenged was Jillian´s unfortunate phraseology and her condemnation of Palin for daring to be a mother of children (hardly the crime of the century, you´d think). This seems particularly egregious coming from one of a liberal-feminist disposition.

  19. You know, you are awfully focused on this one aspect of an offhand post by Jillian. So, why is it that you think it is a positive thing for women to have so many babies? Personally, I think it is offensive. Is she oblivious to the overpopulation of this planet? Does she think her genes are so important that they should be continued FIVE times!!

    So, you see, Jillian is quite moderate in her words. I personally make fun of anyone who has more than 2 kids, I think they should be ashamed to go out in public with them. For a politician to hold herself up as a role model simply for having all these children is absurd. Any critter can have litters, humans are supposed to be smarter and more in control of their destiny and more aware of the effects of uncontrolled breeding on the planet and its occupants. Listening to Palin, she crowed about her multiple births as if it were an accomplishment. In fact, it takes no brains and no guts to have children, it takes both to be responsible and control your breeding.

  20. Palin supports drilling in ANWR and is staunchly opposed to environmental causes. She believes in teaching creationism in school and she argues that global warming is not the result of the activities of man. She is a lifetime member of the NRA and she supports Bush and the continued funding of the Iraq war.

    If McCain goes down, Palin is the president. Imagine then if you will, a possible scenerio where the Wasilla beauty queen has to sit down with Vladimir Putin and demand the withdrawal of the Russian military from Poland. Will she look into his eyes and see the soul of a man? Putin is probably doing handsprings over the possibility of all this. To take “Sarah the Soccer Mom” and put her within a melanoma of being the next vice or president is insane! SM

  21. I need to say it again!

    To take “Sarah the Soccer Mom” and put her within a melanoma of being the next vice or president is insane! SM

  22. Thanks, Jonna. Without realising it you´ve hit the nail squarely on the head and in doing so you´ve opened up the debate in a way I couldn´t have hoped for. You see, what this is really all about is what motivates liberals to adopt the often contradictory, usually hypocritical, almost always destructive positions they do. In ´coming clean´about your thoughts you´ve inadvertantly (or perhaps advertantly) revealed the truth. Liberals hate people; they hate human life, and in particular they hate their own kind. That´s why they are willing to overlook Obama´s sanctioning of child killing (see above); that´s why they celebrate people like Marie Stopes (eugenicist, Nazi sympathiser and leading advocate of abortion); and that´s why they happily use the term ´baby maker´as an insult. That, in short, is why I am áwfully focused´on Jillian´s original comment – it says everything anyone ever needs to know about modern ´liberalism´. It´s also why my first comment to Malcolm was – ´It´s so easy to hate, so hard to justify that hate, eh, Malcolm? Far better to be glib and flippant and hope the issue goes away. Anything to avoid explaining the reasons for your hatred – either to yourself or to your readers´.

    On a separate note, I have to admit that you and your kind are winning the debate hands down, with actions if not necessarily with words. The white western world (for whom you reserve a very special hatred) is in headlong numerical decline and at current rates will probably cease to exist within a century or so. Of course, the planet will still be populated (or overpopulated, in your terms), but at least the hated white man will be gone, and that´s all you guys really care about, isn´t it.

  23. A better term is “Breeder”

  24. If by “Liberals hate people” you mean to say that liberals put stock in the ability of the structure of society to support individuals or groups of individual then you are on target; if you mean anything more or less ideological then you are truly as deluded and hateful as you have made yourself appear here.

    I, for one, would like to get back to the business of silliness and so once again, and for the third time, I am imploring you to take this talk elsewhere. I recommend the Huff Po. I hear Alec Baldwin wrote something rather humorous and insightful there recently.

  25. Sigh. Mexicano, I’m not sure what has so altered your view on humanity, whether it is living in Canada or living in Oaxaca, but, “Liberals hate people; they hate human life, and in particular they hate their own kind,” is, quite possibly, the most absurd summary of an entire brand of political thought that I have ever read in my entire life. It will, no doubt, inspire a stream of vitriolic responses, which is clearly your only intention when participating on this blog.

    You know, I really used to delight in getting in days-long, heated discussions on The Internet, but as I got a little older, I realized why it and, for that matter, the discussion of politics in real life and in general, really just amounts to two people furiously masturbating each other. No one ever sees the other person’s point of view, no one comes away having given any thought to what the other has said, and, particularly in the case of politics, it amounts to two people comparing how many talking points they have memorized from whichever particular radio station they happen to enjoy the most.

    At this point, the lube is getting everywhere, and I feel that I have indulged you long enough. This discussion is doing nothing to further serve our readers or our sponsors, and as such, I am shutting it down. Thanks.