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What’s Ike Go To Do With It?

A friggin lot, I hope. Waves are crashing furiously and the tide is super high. I’m considering growing gills. The storm appears to be just Northeast of here, hovering over the Gulf. I hope it moves along quickly and we can end another hurricane season unscathed. Since I don’t like Ike, let’s celebrate his passing with some Tina!

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  1. That Tina video was strangely enjoyable… and now I feel slightly embarrassed to myself with no actual reason as to why.

    I suppose the self I know and the self I am are in conflict.

    Thanks for that :P

  2. Probably because it’s one of the greatest things ever set to video, Josh. Nothing to be embarrassed about.

  3. “Since I don’t like Ike, let’s celebrate his passing with some Tina!”
    Ok… that’s funny! In a warped sort of way lol

  4. oh geez, I toned that down too. Originally I said, like Tina, I don’t want to get hit by Ike…whoops. There I go again. thanks, chagrined and yet…

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