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Still, it documents an important time in our lives, so we're leaving it on the internet for posterity.

Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

The rumors about accomplishing tasks in Mexico are essentially the reality. Your first appearance at Telmex for any given problem is a preamble. You will have to make a follow-up trip to the bank. One visit to any office or place of business is basically a dry run, a dress rehearsal, a learning experience and trial exercise. I would not say that the longer you live here the easier it gets or necessarily the more patience you develop.

Recently we have been working extra hard to be productive, working both smarter and harder. I am not going to give you some trite lesson in how slowing down and letting things just happen and being mellow is the only way for you to get through life without going nutty. I also can’t tell you that a New York style bulldozing bullying modus operandi is going to work. Forget about it. There is no one prescription for every minor problem.

The only thing I know is when you get lucky you have to pause and appreciate that. Even something so simple as your satellite television being restored within a week of making an online complaint. I am impressed with the efficiency of Sky and their deference to our ill communication. They made sure we knew exactly what was happening and spoke in English even as we commenced in Spanish.

I don’t know why the box broke in the first place but at least we had a library of 9,999 movies and a few newly downloaded series (Kid Nation!!!) to see us threw the balmy nights. Mexico is almost never easy but when it works in your favor you are so stoked. Must run, the mellifluous opening strains of Everwood tells me it is time for work.

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