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This One’s For Jack

I swore to myself that I would not write another political post but the fact is, I can’t sleep, and that is unusual. I got out of my very cozy bed to respond to the bullshit I see happening and while I am unqualified that only makes my righteousness that much sweeter. I am a true citizen. I had to get up because I could stop thinking about my grandparents and what they fought for, and what they stood for, and how angry I am to see that all being swept away.

My grandfather was a plumber and a steamfitter and my grandmother was, in her day, a staunch supporter of of Democratic beliefs. I don’t know if they had a Victory Garden or if they recycled the way we consider it today but they were Democrats in the truest sense of Roosevelt politics. I cannot understand why working class people are siding with a party that has historically had nothing positive to impart on their lives. How has time and special interest so warped the instituted ideals that people who work hard align themselves with a party that tolerates big spending and condones the fiscal escapades of the extremely wealthy?

Have so called social issues social become so great? The Republicans have now assigned themselves the role of arbiters of morality. It seems to be a case of shifted values so misguided that I can’t find the parties of my grandparents anywhere in this campaign. I don’t understand why working people shun their greatest boosters. It has become so tainted and so askew I am nearly losing my mind. I am so sad for the lost ideology that I have read about. I would not know where I stand. But for this new revelation…

That Republicans don’t believe in Evolution, in science and in reason, that this party of progress and business will not even adhere to the accepted worldview of a 20th century Western world; that they wish to proceed as if we lived in the Middle Ages and promote that we are fighting a Crusade to the point where they ignore the issues that are destroying the world in which we actually live that is shaking me to my core. I never professed to be a politico, I don’t care so much about partisan lines when they are both coming from a place of reason. But this, my friends, makes me shudder.

I don’t want to talk about how much oil we have potentially and what that could mean for the failing economy of the United States. Because I don’t believe there is any longer a United States. There is, for some strange reason at this point in history, a percentage of the population who refuse to acknowledge science and further, in the fact that this nation was founded on the separation of church and state. You could argue that the founding fathers were deists and felt differently than moderns and post moderns but what troubles me is that many Americans are not acting as informed members of a global world but as infant Christian children of a world that hasn’t existed in 200 years. It is pre-American, what these “mavericks” offer. It has no part of the civilized world. They seem to want to participate in a dated struggle while countries in Europe want to involve themselves in the politics and processes of the real world, a 21st century global philosophy.

You see, it isn’t about who supports the war in Iraq. Any humanitarian will tell you that this war is as wrong s any war that’s been had this century and any socio-economic adviser with any sense will acknowledge that this particular front is no more crucial, in the process of being the worlds policemen than many other fronts from South America, to Africa to the Far East that exist today. If it were merely about Iraqi Freedo, many more thinking people would I am sure support this effort.

This war is not about being a city on a hill any more than Vietnam was and the fact that so many unsuspecting persons have lost their lives is a testament to how far we have estranged ourselves from the policy of our greatest leaders. Suddenly if you don’t support an unjust war you are un-American and not a patriot. Our grandparents would not have sacrificed everything for the whim of a slighted son’s avenging campaign and a dying way of life. Our economy fails and they let it. Our children’s education is worse than secondary and it isn’t enough. The US is not a superpower in any sense of the word.

What do we have to become to satisfy the goals of a party who does not uphold truth? Why does folksy inexperience trump the only thing we should hold to be true? Are so many people in fear that their way of life is lost? The right of choice matters to me, but that should not be such a forefront issue in a land that prides itself on each person having a certain amount of autonomy. When did it become about these freedoms? Maybe always, since this country was founded on the fact that your pursuit of truth was inalienable.

I am so disappointed because Jack and Josephine worked so tirelessly for more power, more aid, more support for the working people to continue to do what they do best and that seems to have been usurped. I don’t understand why less educated people would side with a party that merely espouses but has no basis in community values. John McCain married into great wealth and has no affinity with the day to day struggle of people who are the working poor of America.

So Obama can’t bowl. So McCain was a very loyal member of the American service. That shit doesn’t matter. I am not a liberal elitist, I don’t care what you or Fox News says. I am a child of immigrants, of steamfitters, of people who wanted their children to succeed and I am so proud that they made the choices they did. They fought a just war against a true threat and made America great in the process. They brought ideas and the notion of the good of technology to this country as well as social systems and individual duty can- do attitudes.

I am so glad my grandfather is not here to see this disgraced America. A place where Republicans court and win a populace that knows not what it does. And yes, I realize that mine is an elitist view. I should just allow that all middle Americans only believe the earth’s life began 2,000 years ago and that we are all just biding our time till we get to heaven. This is a view that once was ridiculous and now is the only accepted way of being in the Christian hegemony known as America. It is in the truest sense a disgrace of the city on hill.

My father always predicted that I would grow up and lose my liberal views once I owned property and was a functioning grown-up person. And the truth is that many traditional conservative premises to pervade my thoughts now and lead me to question many of the ideals I held in my youth I cannot and will not support the party that has become more about beliefs than behavior. I cannot tolerate intolerance and I won’t bend my basic assumptions about the world to vote with ignorance, idealizing of a state that no longer exists, and a misconception about the fundamental features of what one faction stands for.

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  1. I have been lurking and reading your blog for over a year now. While I love your sometimes rambling, sometimes witty, and always poignant prose, I have always been content to just be an observer. This is the first time I have felt compelled to comment.


    You exemplify the spirit of a true writer. Many people can take facts and write a good or even compelling “report”. Others are great at writing with passion and emotion. But there are very few that can somehow take facts, history, emotion, words and insight and throw them all together to end up with something that is this meaningful and beautifully written. You have done exactly that and more. Keep up the great work!

  2. I can’t sleep at nights either. I suspect many in this world can’t. I further suspect the reasons are very similar to those you articulated.

    Thanks, Jillian.

  3. Amen, sistah!

  4. If McSame wins, I’m thinking major succession. We’ll take New York, New England, Chicago, Madison, New Orleans, Taos and Santa Fe, California (minus OC) and Oregon and Washington. They can have everything else.

    sound like a plan?

  5. I think you can actually take anything from NY north, into Maine…they’re dopey, but they’re fun.

  6. Come on children grow up and smell whats really going on. Y’all are living a dream. Those that think one group is any more truthful than the other. Its about the money, that’s what you have to change!
    both party’s are ruined beyond repair time for change!

  7. I feel the same way and I’m awake too many nights of late in panic. I can’t believe what has happened to my country. We have a nation that increasingly favors a select few over the majority. I, too, am baffled as to how working men and women can continue to support the party of the rich, the party of the true elite. It’s stunning.

    My father grew up in the Dust Bowl out in western Kansas. It was a miracle my grandparents didn’t lose their farm. Roosevelt’s New Deal paved the way for an extended period of prosperity unmatched in our history.

    And then came Reagan and it’s been down hill ever since. Economically, the policies of Bill Clinton benefited more people, but in bowing down to business and corporate interests, he was nothing more than a centrist Republican.

    I don’t know how we’ve gotten so far off track, but I believe that it is, in part, due to the mass marketing of right wing (not conservative, these aren’t conservatives in the mold of my parents and grandparents) propaganda. They have an entire news station and the rise of right wing radio is equally destructive to any concept of the public good and coming together as a nation to benefit all people.

    I am leaving this country, as you’ve done. My leaving is because I can’t stand it any longer, this destructive political climate. My heart breaks daily as I read more of the lies, as I hear from more of the deluded. It is unbearable and I can’t take it. I don’t want to. I fought hard as an activist in the ’70s for women’s rights and voting rights and environmental issues. I’m just out of fight. I give up. The house I’ve fallen in love with is in Chelem.

  8. Who wrote this entry, Malcolm or Jillian? Just curious cause I can’t tell….

  9. Jillian gets credit for this one.

  10. Good on ya Jillian! Loved the rant. It’s mad and sad and oh so true. While you only mention McSame and Co. (Palin!!!) I fear that Obama is drifting in that direction in order to woo the ‘red’ states. My guy was Kucinich, but I admit he was waaaay ahead of his time. Cheers!

  11. I think our country has been going down hill for many years but i think the most devastating act was when Reagan busted the unions with air traffic controler.This single act showed multi billion dollar companies that the federal government stood behind them for nearly anything they wanted to do.
    We as a nation have given many of these companies a pat on the back while they take thousands of jobs to other countries leaving us to pay unemployment and medical coverage for those displaced.
    We allow theses jobs to leave and go to other countries so the companies can get cheaper labor and then dont charge enough tarriffs for them to import back into country while we take care of all the displaced workers.
    We allow CEO s to rake in millons of dollars in salarys and perks to lead a company into ruin,but he still gets his salary.
    Dont get me wrong ,companies should be able to do whats best for the company but they also shouldnt leave thier mess for us to clean up.
    I worked for multi billon dollar steel company,the EPA came in and fined them for polluting streams and rivers and the ground and then turned around and said thats ok heres X millions of dollars to clean up thier own mess.
    Im held accountable for my every acction but alot of these companies are not and the tax payer pays and pays and pays.
    In the past unions could hold companies accountable for working conditions,pollution,pay,job security,safety,medical.Now most are just big social clubs squeezing workers hard earned pay for nothing in return because there hands are tied.(no strike clauses,no work stoppage,no slow downs and no wildcat strikes) These contracts destroyed the american worker.
    Jillian you hit the nail on the head,we have become so complacent that we let the government do what they want.Our fore fathers would be sickened to see what is going on with the country that they worked and gave thier lives for at times.
    This is just my rantings and views wrong or right everyone has to admit our country is in terrible shape now.

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