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Hope All Is Sunny In Superficial California

I will never live
in Southern California,
despite the lure of
Beach Boys and fish tacos.
I don’t trust
a place without seasons;
There you cannot cultivate
pathos, wit or sincerity.

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  1. How odd. Unfortunately, many of your fellow New Yorkers don’t feel that way and the state is littered with these hyper-active, weird speaking people who don’t know how to chill.

    Personally, I will never live where it snows. Snow is dangerous stuff best seen only in calendars and postcards. How is it you live in Yucatan where there is only rainy or dry?

  2. tentatively.

  3. Oh, lord…I hope I never, ever know how to “chill.”

  4. I’m sure you already know how to chill. You just don’t use that word.

  5. Chillax.

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