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Would You Like to Buy an Om?

It isn’t a real estate mystery that home buyers are sold by more than a solid foundation and southerly light. We buy an idea of a life that we may lead in our new home. Whether it’s a snug Maine farmhouse built in 1880, a mission style mansion on the California Coast or a house built on stilts in the Florida wetlands your imagination projects all sorts of scenarios: happy children, cozy Christmases, fresh scented linens and warm family meals. A place to read, relax, feel secure, inspired, comforted and restored. A place to hang your hat.

Maybe you’ve raised your children well and sent them to a very fine college where they are busy learning about beer pong and modernism. Maybe they have emerged from their twenties with only a few thousand dollars in debt and are buying their own first homes. Maybe you want to be close enough to the expected grandchildren for visits but far enough from he day to day struggles and hassles.It’s entirely possible you want to begin a new chapter, a life of adventure and vitality in exotic Mexico.

Perhaps you are that bold young couple, recently conferred with Masters Degrees and ready for a little un-academic action. You aren’t up for a mortgage, kids, the banality and convention of life in the suburbs. You see yourselves working on creative efforts, relaxing a little, starting a business, balancing work and play and perhaps in a few months building a nest egg so that in a few years you return triumphantly in a much better position. You may not know it yet but you need to shake things up and move to the wild west of the Yucatan coast.

There are so many wonderful places to explore outside the Unites States, where conditions are increasingly unstable. Merida boasts an international airport as well as proximity to tantalizing Cuba. National flights are becoming more affordable and it is a quick flight to Miami, Atlanta or Houston if you crave a trip to a hot American city. Wouldn’t you love to spend a weekend in Cancun, Costa Rica or a colonial city? Cuisine in Mexico City is world class and the austere and mysterious ruins of Palenque are only a day’s drive away.

Don’t you deserve an escape from it all? Couldn’t you imagine yourself living right on the ocean? You listen to the sea all day as you rock in a hammock and let the soporific sounds of seagulls lull you into sweet dreams. You walk with your loyal, gamboling dogs on the beach and collect shells to decorate your knick knacks with. You notice fanspastic pelican behavior for the first time, start following the tides and corresponding cycles of the moon. Your days are slow and you decide what happens during your time.

There are margaritas to be had and ruins to be discovered. Learn Spanish, or Maya if you want to be even more arcane; find our how much you have left to learn. It is fun to expand your mind and scope. Start a gallery, a restaurant, a handicraft shop that supports local art and artisans. Use your education and life experience to do something you never thought you could. Be your own boss. Be an entrepreneur. Be the artist and individual you always wanted to be. Leave behind I-95 and hundred dollar tanks of gas.

Fill up the Jeep for a few hundred pesos, let the Pemex attendant top up your fluids so you can hit the open road with peace of mind. Pack ham sandwiches and plenty of water in the cooler, throw in a Sol or two for when you arrive at your spontaneous destination. It could be a lost city, an undiscovered beach, a village whose secret cenote could be yours for the swimming, or a midnight performance of traditional trova music that inspires you to get up from your seat and participate in dancing under the stars.

Merida is a city of tradition and amenities, where Mayan markets are a few minutes walk from flame broiled burgers. Downtown are the lovely cobbled streets and carriage rides, while uptown you can enjoy shopping, movies, restaurants, and bars. It is what you make it, a journey to the past with a corridor to the present and beyond. It is only 30 quick minutes out to the beach in Chelem where life is even more tranquil.

Ah, life is a beach in remote, peaceful Chelem. Return to a simpler time. Get to know your neighbors and local merchants. Leave the door wide open to catch a breeze. Buy fresh produce and flowers from the town mercado. Spend your day writing your memoirs or the great American novel or catch up on all the movies you missed while working so hard these last few years. Swim, float, and heal in the warm water of the Gulf. Do everything or nothing. Find out who you want to be.

You’re golden skin is gorgeous and glowing and you smile much more readily. Husband grills while Wife pours wine. You can call the family on the Vonage line, watch American Idol on Sky TV and check your email or read your local paper online. For your sanity, for your safety, for the time of your life. It’s more than just a house. It’s your whole future happiness. In Chelem and Churburna you will find many charming homes in need of your love and renovation.

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