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Pets Peeves

If you are:

  • an ambulatory sweets vendor with a tinkling bell
  • carrying kibis on your head and shouting about it
  • cops. they effin hate the fuzz.
  • driving a jalopy, especially if it is yellow
  • Mari, the woman who has cleaned for us for more than a year
  • a horse or a speedboat
  • making (threatening) advances toward me

steer clear of Olivia and Tripod. Cause they will eat your face.

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  1. With the exception of horses, which, like all girls, I LOVE, and Mari, whom I’ve never met and cannot therefore opine about, I am pretty much in agreement with the dogs on all of these offenses.

  2. I probably wouldn’t eat anyone’s face, though.

  3. Note to self: Do NOT drive yellow “very jalopy-like” buggy past Jillian’s house. ;)

  4. wheew!! Glad that list didnt include ” architect with a grey truck “…

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