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Palin at the Debates…Uh, What the Hell?

After watching the debates and spending the next few hours listening to the pundits talk about what a great job Governor Palin did, I am left wondering, “Um, what the hell?”

I began to grow frustrated even as the debates were happening, because I knew that, for a segment of the population, Palin’s down-home delivery, dropped g’s, constant winking at me, invocation of Reagan (another master of the, “hey, I’m just a guy like anyone else” delivery), and use of idiomatic expression would, no doubt, be appealing to a lot of people. And watching Biden try to match her when appropriate, moose sloppin’ for moose sloppin’, was embarrassing for everyone.

But, I am shocked…SHOCKED! that watching the recaps and opinion, that anyone would dare go as far as to say that she won the debate. At the risk of sounding like a “sexist,” the new label for anyone who critisizes Palin, I can say with utter certainty, that she is a total fucking moron. A clown. A dope.

Don’t misunderstand me. It has always been very clear to me that, in terms of, “the mood of America,” political leaning tends to, overall, be much closer to what the farmer in the fields has to say in the middle of the country, than the snappily dressed homosexuals in Manhattan. I get that. There is a big country in between New York and Los Angeles, which is much more capable than those two coastal cities of influencing policies.

But, what the hell happened here? One minute, all I was hearing was how Biden should keep his eye-rolling and laughing to a minimun; that his strategy should be to defeat her in the debates, but not appear condescending, and, for goodness’ sake, to avoid calling her, “little lady.”

He did that, admirably. There was an audible sigh at one point, which made me laugh for fifteen minutes, because it so matched my feelings about listening to Palin, “um,” “and,” and go-absolutely-nowhere with her rebuttals. But at the end of the day, Biden was the only member of the debate to make any salient points relating to the questions being asked of him, and for that matter, the only person whose sentences could stand up to any sort of diagramming by a freshman year English teacher.

Why, then, are we celebrating Palin tonight? For not freezing up totally? For not embarrasing the Republicans? What in the world did she actually achieve this evening? Biden, a person with whom I have no prior experience or knowledge of, very CLEARLY killed it, in a self-restrained, rational, effective way, without condescending to the American people.

Never forget: Palin is worth 2.5 million, meaning that every single, “y’all” and, “my retarded kid,” has NOTHING to do with you, if you consider yourself an “ordinary” American. You are being sold a line of nonsense, and evidentally, a lot of people are buying. All in all, I’m not worried. I would love to see Obama win, as a really great four year experiment. I also wouldn’t mind seeing McCain win (though his first big decision, choosing a running mate, he clearly failed at). I think both candidates clearly would do well by us, and both have the heart, passion, and leadership to make our country great again. I do, however, resent being asked to pretend that Palin is any kind of serious, qualified VP candidate, and that her performance in this debate was anything more than utterly laughable. And more than anything, I am sick to my stomach that anyone in America would buy it.

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  1. Right on, sister.

    She reminds me of women I knew at school who could smile and charm and get good grades without knowing their subjects. How did they do that?

    I have to hope that the American public is smart enough to see through her.

    I commented also during the debate that she can’t call on her “years and years of executive experience” and then pull the “oh shucks, I’m just like you” card.

    Thanks for the post. It’ll be an interesting month.

  2. I wrote this. 🙂

  3. Oops, right on, brother!

  4. I totally agree, I was shocked to hear how well the media thinks she did. What scares me, is if McCain’s elected, and is incapacitated, she would be in charge of the United States of America! That scares the crap out of me, to be completley honest with you.

  5. Hey Malcolm – I’m from Canada and my fella and I watched the VP debates instead of our own PM debates last night. After the nightmare Katie Couric interview, we wanted to see if Palin had anything to say. Apparently not.

    She didn’t answer a single question. I know she’s a politician but it was almost ridiculous.

    And if I hear her utter the phrases “soccer mom”, “sitting around the kitchen table” or “John McCain and I” one more time, I’m gonna hurl! Biden wasn’t overly amazing, but he came across as somewhat sincere. Palin was a robot with cue cards and a strange smirk.

  6. Yes its amazing how stupid so many people are, if you had a brain & still thought about voting for Mcain, his choice of a running mate should give you a reality check, he is obviously no maverick but just another pawn of the republican party cynically trying to garner the disgruntled Hillary supporters vote. If Obama wasnt black with a strange name, debates, polls & discussion wouldnt be necessary, everyone in the world except 2 people I know!! would be glad to see the back of these republican idiots

  7. Republicans ought to be disgusted that their party would treat them with such diminished respect as to appoint a running mate so laughable.

  8. You obviously wildly misunderstood my original remark, and the context. I’m not surprised.

  9. Well, it was good for me, was it good for you?

  10. Have you ever seen the movie Election? If not, rent it if possible. Palin scares me. Considering McCain’s opinion of women, I’m not surprised at his choice. She will set back what women have fought for and that’s the pity. She had her choice so why shouldn’t other women? Did I hear somewhere that her husband was in an extremist political group that wanted to separate from the US?

  11. Pick Flick! Actually I think Tracy is 100 times smarter than the prom queen.
    Seriously, look at his poor, pillhead second wife – her reward is in heaven.
    ha. not surprising. But no, I hadn’t heard that because Obama is running such a cleaner campaign.

  12. I swear if that fake, “war hero” idiot, his plastic heiress wife, and that moose and wolf shooting moron actually do get the votes of Americans and win this thing, I will have officially given up on my country. And I DO love my country.

  13. So the Republicans are now desperately smearing Barack with the whole “terrorist” “paling” thing. What the hell?!!! Did they conveniently forget Sarah and Todd supported the Alaskan Independent party? Where do they get off saying Barack is unpatriotic but isnt advocating secession practically by definition, un-American? WTF!!!!!

    The ‘soccer moms’ and ‘joe six packs’ need to *@#$^% wake up!

  14. It’s a liberal free love commie orgy, Mexicano. Come on in, the water’s warm. Or go… nobody’s making you stay!

  15. i agree with you ! Palin should not be involved in national politics. My God, why would Mccain pick for her, while there are many bright, talented and articulate woman across our nation ? At least our Demos found a free gift.

  16. Tina Fey has a plan if the worst happens, and I, for one, am onboard:

  17. So now Palin is not just a moose hunting moron, who knows zero about foreign policy of much else for that matter, also with ties to the Alaskan Independent Party but also an ABUSER of power and then has the nerve to deny it despite the official report of the Alaskan Legislative Panel.

    Meanwhile, the McCain camp has resorted to fear tactics and trying to smear Obama with supposed links to terrorists, ACORN and even questioning his citizenship. Can someone say desperate?

    I’m glad the polls are showing double digit leads for Obama in alot of battleground states. Now lets just pray the Republicans dont resort to stealing the election like they did in 2004.

    This is just one of the many stories out there:

  18. What most people haven’t noticed about the Acorn investigation is that was Acorn it’self that reported there was illegal registrations. After they released that report the GOP had the FEDs raid the building.

    Ask yourself why they would do this when it was Acorn that found the problem and was attempting to investigate.

    It is illegal and against the constitution to ask for your id when voting. Why? Because it’s supposed to be like AA no one is supposed to know you even voted!

    Why? Because if they know your name they can hurrass you into not voting? Sound familiar?

    Sad that conservatives can’t be conservatives. It’s why I’m here and not there. I gave up on the US after Bush stole two elections. And to think I actually voted for his father back in the day. I’m ashamed of what they have become. A fear mongering “be afraid and vote for me” party that would rather win, then win fair.

    I’m sorry but even if my party wins, if we cheated I can no longer be apart of that. Cheating is for criminals!

    Honesty? What happened to that? I’d rather have the other party in office by winning fairly then my party in by cheating.

    It’s like cheating to win in sports, you really want to cheat? How could you live with yourself knowing you cheated to win the superbowl? I couldn’t and anyone who can say they could, isn’t a Christian. They are the opposite of that. You ask yourself what that is!

    The founding fathers weren’t perfect but at least they didn’t place cop cars with their lights on, in the front of the voting booths to keep minorities away.

    THE USA is gone and freedom no longer rings, it charges you by the hour. And we all know what means.

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