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What Happened in Cancun

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Just back from our second adventure in Mexico’s capital of ugly shorts and shake marijuana and we are exhausted. Saturday morning we packed up a rental car with my father in law and some egg salad sandwiches and set off across Highway 180. A blown back tire and 319 pesos in tolls later we arrived at the Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun, and took the escalator up to a platform palapa of an open-air lobby.

We were less than impressed with hospitality and our initial assessment of our accommodations was that it was a dated and slightly musty room. Then we saw the view. We had a lobby level suite on the eastern corner of the building looking over the Caribbean blue. That was awesome. The decor was tasteful and the full bath was excellent. There were two television sets (one flat), lots of light(s), a cool iPod doc thingy and a bathtub with jacuzzi jets outside on the sweet sweet balcony. The products were great.

Compared to our last experience at the Westin Regina we were underwhelmed, but our excitement was not dulled. We broke into the mini bar and toasted a weekend of decadence. We steeled ourselves against fatigue and decided to hit the town. For months Mac has been telling us about Ruth’s Chris steakhouse and that’s where we went directly once properly attired. It was an $80 peso cab ride from our hotel which is the minimum for any fare despite it being perhaps a quarter kilometer deeper into the hotel zone.

It was a pleasure to dine out at such a civilized restaurant. Not fancy but hearty, great quality ingredients sumptuously yet simply prepared are on the menu here, including a Belvedere martini for me and Johnny Walker blue label on the rocks for my gentlemen companions, petite filet, Caribbean lobster, lamb chops, creamed spinach, sauteed mushrooms, Irish coffees and a Cuban cigar to finish. We were sated to say the least. We went back to the hotel to crash.

Next morning it was overcast but we were in high spirits. We set out to find provisions despite having sworn we would never eat again. It was starting to sprinkle so we thought it best to find an American chain restaurant based on a beloved movie about a slow fellow who finds himself brushing up against greatness only to become legendary himself in his own simplistic fashion and hole up there for the afternoon. It was cozy, campy and comfy. We left stuffed again and outfitted with complimentary plastic drink shakers and an eccentric, optimistic outlook.

It was still a dull day for the beach so back at the Fiesta Malc and I decided it was time to fill the outdoor tub. My new philosophy is “always add bubbles to the jacuzzi” and I hope to pass this received wisdom on to many future generations of Bedells. After a nap we went down to the pool which was completely uncrowded. Cancun is quiet in October and we were the only ones floating around the long and windy pool. After swimming I went to the on-site spa and had a marvelous treatment that included a private tepid jet bath, relaxation session and massage. Back in the room I found the Malcolms having cocktails so we decided to mobilize downstairs to the lounge.

The Fiesta really does great common spaces, and bars especially. We had a drink and a snack and a laugh and decided to rally for one last meal at our favorite restaurant in Cancun thus far, Thai, located at La Isla shopping plaza. We were sat right on the lagoon in a thatched roofed hut that seems to float in the moonlight. More great martinis this time with Ketel One vodka, some duck curry, Thom Ka Gai and sugar rimmed boozy coffees later we were rolling ourselves back to the taxi stand to be hauled back to our temporary home.

[You heard it here first: these guys are opening an Indian restaurant named Elefante sometime in the near future. Let’s hope it possesses the same genius style and sabroso]

In Cancun every service industry person speaks English but each is genuinely delighted when you speak a little Spanish and tell then you live the next state over. Some were super cool like the waiter at Thai and Alberto the earnest bellboy while other Quintana Rooners were a little shady such as the Pemex pump fink who tried to extort me for 100 pesos. But mostly it is civil and easy to get around and the atmosphere is welcoming and laid back.

I think as a group we gained 5 pounds in 2 days but the consensus is it was well worth it. We ate well we drank well and in moderation; we watched movies, we looked at the ocean, we enjoyed each others company and the sterling view. This morning we awoke to a perfect Cancun day, to ice blue water and a crystal sky. It was a long three hour drive home but we made it safe and sound. We’re happy to see our dogs and not feel compelled to stuff ourselves silly with seafood and snacks. I can’t wait to do it again next month.

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  1. You could not possibly be a better daughter in law and I love you.

  2. They have a Bubba Gump in Cancun?

  3. Two points to Nick!

  4. I’ve been to Mexico twice. (Belize doesn’t count, does it?) Alcapulco was wonderful as far as accommodations were concerned. However, I wasn’t all that impressed with famed cliff divers, and the fact that I ended up with Montezuma’s revenge (from COFFEE) might have dampened my sentiments about the place.
    Cancun was…CROWDED, but we did some wonderful scuba diving there. (Managed to smack my head open in a cave under 90 feet of water, but, besides that, there was lots to see – particularly big, leather back turtles.) Tequilas and Carlos and Charlie’s was also very, very good.
    Your sister Christine suggested I visit this blog. She and I are good friends, and share a love of getting up on the stage.

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