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Still, it documents an important time in our lives, so we're leaving it on the internet for posterity.

Anniversary Anticipation

We let the anniversary of our arrival to Mexico go uncelebrated, which is really unlike us, so I thought we should direct public attention to the fact that October 15 is the arbitrary date we started this blog in 2005. Back then we were just a couple of kids tucked into a cute but stuffy apartment in our college town with a cat and a broken Volvo. We dropped out of our comfortable lives and into the unknown of surviving by ourselves in a strange land. We are very fortunate that things have been going well. I am so grateful for what we have and even though I grumble about what is missing in my life living here has been a huge step up for us. Anniversaries are a bit of a thanksgiving and a bit of a self-congratulation, aren’t they? I like that. It’s also fun to look back at all the goofy stuff we were up to; I encourage you to peek into the archives if you haven’t already. In order to remember where we were coming from when we started this web log and presaged the journey south I refer to the first entry written by Malcolm three long years ago and follow up, amend and answer some of the issues raised and the projections he made for us then.

We’re Malcolm and Jillian.
Still mostly true. Except for when we are Malcon and Yuli.

This is our ongoing life development plan.
Though we have been alternately sidetracked, detoured, plateaued, inert and torpid, we plan to continue developing, ongoingly.

We’re not sure what we want, we just know what we don’t.
Actually, a clear picture is taking shape which is new. What I want is so much scarier and less funny but there you go. I want to have my own studio space and teach Nia; I want to have two kids and soonish; I want to be published for reals and earn another degree, I want a snug home in New England as well as a place here in Mexico, I want to become a great gardener, cook, hostess and volunteer. I want to travel and live abroad in Europe and North Africa.

We’ve got big ideas and half-assed executions.
For me still true, for Malcolm, not so much, see Yolisto.

We’ve got varied interests (Jillian loves Proust, Malcolm loves Deceptacons).
Confession: I have felt like a total fraud since Malcolm wrote this because the fact is I have read all of 3 pages of Swann’s Way and then I accidentally left it in one of our storage spaces and have not sought out another copy. Now you know the truth. Boy, does that feel good.

We like music, books, movies, and the sound of each other’s voices.
Our access to three of four of these has been limited since living in Mexico but we feel lucky to have so much tech keeping us basically up to the moment informed. We couldn’t have done it without iTunes, Amazon, and Mix-Up. I heard once that as men age they lose the ability to hear sounds in the higher range and women in the lower; so just as we’re getting really sick of each others voices we won’t be able to hear them any more. We’ll just hold hands and sit.

We’re gonna talk about all these things. We will write, we will refer, we will show you pictures. We just got engaged.
Check, check, oops. We have been a little lazy in posting photos lately which I really mean to rectify. Officially, we’ve been married for 1 year and and three months and we are just days from celebrating our second first anniversary.

We’re vain and self-absorbed.
I don’t think that’s true. Do you think that we’re self-absorbed? I have thought a lot about this and I really don’t think we are. I mean, I’m not. God, I write well.

We want to use this space to allow others to track this next exciting year of our lives.
It’s been three years in fact! And while I am sure we have turned off some early readers I know many of you have been keeping up with us all this long time and we really do appreciate it although we may not always tell you, we love you. Or at least, we like you very much. We feel warmly toward the majority of you.

We want you all to know our story, without ever having to actually speak to you.
I’m a mixed message kind of girl. I tell you I hate you but I want you to listen I say go away and then I wonder why no one ever stays. I don’t always love this position as blogger but the fact is I am addicted to sharing and the sound of my own voice and I have a feeling I will not be putting down the keyboard any time soon. Now leave me alone.

Love always, love until you do something really douchy,
Malcolm and Jillian

Where we have been, where we are, where we are going, the ongoing human drama happens here all the time, every time. Thanks for dropping in and continue coming back to see what we’ll think of next. I don’t foresee it getting less interesting.

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  1. You did a brilliant job with this, Jillian. Self celebration? Yaaaaaaaaaay! This is a better wrapup of the last three thrilling years than I have been capable of writing.

    Oh, wait, you want to see my previous attempts? Look here, for our retrospectives on years two and three:

  2. hey,

    Congrats on your anniversary. Our story is similar to yours, although we thought that beinging in our 40’s, we would be the youngest game in town. Kudos to you! Just for intro sake, I’m the guy who hauled away your fridges. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading this blog/ magazine. I would have used the contact page, but the form is not currently coming up. I particularly enjoyed the corpse / baby popper blog. as a Canadian, I see the whole American electoral system as a joke and an insult to citizens. Why do people need 2 years to pick a president? Why is the primary system not standardized and held on the same day in all jurisdictions? Why gridlock the country and the media for so long, while behind the scenes, politicions in power get away with murder (or maybe financial fraud?).

    FYI for your readers…an election was called in Canada on September 7th 2008. The vote is tomorrow. Now they can get on with running the country…….into the ground. That is why we left. The lawyers are running the show. Long live anarchy!

    Keep up the good work!

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