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Remodeling the Guest House: Take 1

As of today construction is underway to redistribute space more gracefully and renovate the shudderific bathroom of what has been, up until now, our bodega, storage shed and my dance studio. Our fabulous architect drew up some very clever plans and in about four weeks we will have a two bedroom, two.5 bath house. It’s very exciting. We already have some simple furniture chosen and guests lined up to stay in comfort, privacy and not a little style. It’s set to be a quick project, a prelude to the major landscaping/pool design/dig that we are plotting for now and hope to commence this winter. Many more hoops to jump through for that due to the newly active Environmental Bureaucracy PROFEPA, so wish us luck. For now it’s just another giant leap for Bedell kind, making a better home and all around awesome property. Photos to follow.

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