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If You Watch Just One Video This Election Season, Make it This One.

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  1. Oh my hell that was HILARIOUS. And here I thought I was just supposed to be shown what a blithering idiot Sarah Palin is…

  2. I know…we all think we’ve seen that clip before…

  3. Holy Smokes ! I wish someone would get her to shut the hell up . jethrot1

  4. You know, I’m really gonna miss her when the election is over.

  5. That startled the shit out of me! WTF!!!! hahahahaha

  6. mexicachica,

    That sentence speaks volume about your level of savoir-faire. Basically…zero. Ive seen your angry bombastic liberal posts on Yolisto as well. Yes, Im voting for John, but if Obama wins I won’t disavow him as our president. You libs wish for the country’s demise, as a means to promote your platform. If Obama wins, I wish him the best….and I will support him as the new U.S. president even if I disagree with his policies. My biggest concern is a tax hike in the face of a slowing economy. Im a trader, so I’ve long since seen this economic crisis coming down the pike, and our Congress is clueless. Notice the blank hazed over look on their faces whenever bernanke or paulson testifies. Biggest financial crisis in our history, and i would say only a handful have any inkling of what it is about. It should get increasingly clueless with a super majority of Dems.

  7. Huh?

  8. Wow.

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