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A Connecticut Haunting or You Can’t Ghost Home Again*

I wonder if every theater in America has a ghost in the wings? This specter is an actor who was killed in a horrific stage accident. Or was it murder? In Clinton the suited man haunts stage left and is good luck for any production who feels his presence.

The Andrews Memorial Town Hall is a marvelous place with government offices, terrible acoustics and a cat who has stalked the halls since I was 3, maybe longer. I spent every summer of my early adolescence practicing choreography in the basement green room, in the baroque foyer, in the grass on the banks of the Indian River. I went with my mom to vote in the rose room and she wouldn’t let me in the booth, because she said it was a private act, like in the bathroom. Needless to say I had odd ideas about both democratic processes for quite some time.

I spent a day as an intern in the office of the First Selectman and filed my marriage license with the women who issued my first passport.

There you will find the greatest golden scalloped water fountain this side of Versailles and a seven foot tall stuffed moose that is still very startling. In summer the ladies of the Shoreline exhibit their best watercolors and the good townspeople gather for wonderfully off pitch productions of Gypsy and The Music Man. I fell in love with Mercutio instead of Romeo when I was 12 and learned every line of A Midsummer Night’s Dream the summer before. I ate caviar and drank champagne after La Traviata and pretended to swoon with consumption on the divan in the anteroom to the bathroom. I watched August meteor showers from the stage right balcony and cried my eyes out in the costume room when the opera had ended, because I felt like everything was over and would never quite happen that way again. Maybe that’s why the blithe old soul still waits behind velvet curtains.

* sorry

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