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The Fussy Bus

On the unlovely busride to Playa Malcolm and I were joking that there should be a cross peninsula service for overgrown babies that offered sleeping draughts and Lazy-Boy recliners. Little did we know it already exists and once again becoming fluke millionaires slips through our fingers. On the way back over to Merida I inquired about the next, best bus and was charged a little less than 800 pesos for two one way tickets. We were ushered into the VIP waiting area where coffee was being served. As we boarded the bus we were given a bottle of water and a little plastic goody bag. In the kit were such useful items as orange squishy ear plugs, sleep mask, ear buds, and a moist towelette. All that was missing was the Ativan. The chairs were plush and reclined plus had a footstand that made the whole supine riding thing even more stretched out and comfortable. There were ample flat screen televisions for all passengers but I hardly noticed because with the curtains closed and senses deprived it was deliciously dark and silent and we slept all of the way home, tucked in like a couple of fussy little infants.

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  1. As they say in their ads, “What goes on behind closed curtains, stays behind closed curtains.” VIP bus service is the best.

  2. It is called UNO service…and it is worth every penny, btw.

  3. The UNO bus is the best. I’ve taken it several times back and forth to/from Cancun. If you’re alone and tired, you can choose a “single” seat. One side of the aisle has a pair of seats as usual, but the other side had single seats.

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