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Conflicts and Resolutions

Every writing student knows that all the greats wrote every day, no matter how ill, hungover, or uninspired. Being bedridden helps, as does being stranded on a long sea voyage. Of course we all require a room of one’s own. Though some prefer the preciousness of writing private thoughts in the public space of coffee houses or at the bar; creating an air of aloof, dishelveled mystery is critical. All the real writers, they say, just work, because they must, because they are compelled to articulate and disseminate their thoughts, opinions, descriptions, narratives, witticisms, conversations, and very special innermost feelings on a daily basis. You have to be dedicated, diligent, to have a schedule, to treat it like a job, to construct sentences just for the act of it, so you remember and practice remembering. Writing is just like riding a bike. Except I kind of sucking at riding bikes. Cliches are the constant companion of a tortured writer on his best day. A bad day is when you can’t even pick up a pen.

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  1. Keep the faith. It is work. Sometimes enjoyable and easy, sometimes not. Sometimes the muse just goes on walkabout.

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