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Call Off “The Hounds of Zaroff” We Just Want To Play!

The blogosphere is abuzz with voices across Mexico defending their adopted country. I couldn’t agree more with the chorus of sanity. Don’t let the fear mongers get you down. And though I don’t know what will happen tomorrow I can say for today that the United States of Mexico has not failed, narco-banditos are not wearing Calderon like a hat or gamboling merrily in the countryside, and here in Yucatan we are enjoying a fresh, breezy day that carries the promise of spring on its bright back. We don’t often address politics or current affairs here, nor do we comment on economics, religion, psychiatry, Scientology, phrenology, gynecology, famine, salmon, golf, genetics, octuplets, China, or American Idol. We’re simply unqualified. We rarely wax philosophic. If you took a survey course freshman year in college on it you likely won’t find it here. If it’s a serious, topical issue, it’s just not our bag. You come here for pirates, opinions that took us less than – let’s be honest – two minutes to formulate, and loose morals. You dropped in for self-deprication, free association and a thought nap. Ahhh, doesn’t that feel good? You know what else we serve up here? The Love. Yup (slow nodding, pursed lips) mad, unrequited, uninvited, gut-wrenching, thirst-quenching, monotonous, monogomous, sweet, sour, salty love is the most dangerous game there is, friends. That is, other than the man-hunting antics of an eccentric Russian aristocrat. Well, I’m out. I really had an extra helping of nothing to say today, I just wanted to contribute, drop some science, say hey, etc. Oh, one last thing. If you are feeling unsafe today wherever you are stop what you’re doing and get up and do it with me: The Safety Dance.

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  1. Hilarious! Even when I was growing up I wanted to hate this song but just couldn’t. How can you hate a song that takes the word “chance” and gives it 5 syllables?

  2. Mexico is the shit.

  3. LOVE THIS, JILLY! And I’ve been doing the safety dance since before it WAS the Safety Dance…
    Kisses to all

  4. You are right Mexico is the shit! That is why I created this site to prove it!

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