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Everybody Seems to Wonder What It’s Like Down Here

  1. it’s not as difficult or as easy to live in Mexico as I imagined
  2. I have seen exactly three scorpions in three years
  3. don’t bother eating the Chinese food
  4. you will not immediately lose 30 pounds
  5. I still don’t have a good doctor
  6. insurance is cheap
  7. labor is cheap
  8. quality furniture is not cheap and hard to find
  9. we don’t drink beer all day long
  10. I have never been on a bus with a chicken
  11. it’s fun, it’s beautiful, but you get homesick, sometimes out of nowhere and it will surprise you

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  1. Yes, except #2 and especially #11.

  2. I love your list, identify with most of them…except the last. This is home for me now. I do miss the friends and family back there, though, that does come in waves sometimes.

  3. on a bus with a chicken…..heheheh!

  4. That is a great list…
    I worked in a private school in Merida last year and this is what I say in the first three months:

    3 scorpions in the classroom
    2 big tarantulas… One on the ceiling and one outside the door of the classroom
    About 1,000 angry bees covering the outside of the window (haven’t figured that one out yet!)
    And the best was the termites that built their home up the walls and ate through about a dozen of the kids textbooks and notebooks!
    Then they finally moved my to a new bug-free (reasonably) classroom.

  5. Jill –
    I am probably really lame for doing this…but I just wanted to send some kind of “stay away from that swine flu” message to you. And since I’m not on Facebook and still don’t have your email (what’s wrong with us?), this seems to be the most direct way. Oh, good lord, my comment has nothing to do with your post. But I loved your post! Especially #8.
    So: stay away from that flu. Even though you’re not likely to be in Mexico City. You’re probably entirely safe & sound, watching Law & Order: SVU reruns.


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