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Searching for the American Dream…in Mexico

I just wanted to call everyone’s attention to this little nugget, which appeared in New American Media:

“MERIDA, Mex. – At some point last fall, the one millionth American established residency here in Mexico. That makes Mexico the host nation for the largest American expatriate community in the world. There are now more Americans living in Mexico than there are in the U.K. or Canada.

This trend is accelerating as the U.S. recession deepens and job losses across the United States accelerate. ‘We’ve seen an increase of almost 40 percent in the number of American citizens making inquiries about the requirements for moving to Mexico,’ said an official at the Mexican Consulate in New York. ‘There are definitely more Americans emigrating to Mexico than this time last year.’

This is confirmed by recruiters and global relocation firms. ‘Mexico is supposed to be gearing up for a great year right now,’ Annie Levy Sandin, of Emerging Globe Group, a recruiting firm.

That Americans are moving to Mexico is nothing new, but the kinds of Americans who are establishing themselves have changed.

‘For decades you’ve had three kinds of Americans coming here,’ said Ramon Segura, an importer-exporter with decades of experience working with foreign nationals.

‘Foremost are the retirees, who can have a higher standard of living in Mexico than they could in the U.S. Then there were the professionals who were sent here by their companies or were here on business. And of course, there were those trying to make a clean break from their pasts – usually men escaping alimony, child support, business failures or the country that sent them to Vietnam.’

But now there are two other kinds of Americans moving to Mexico: those who are starting or raising families and entrepreneurs seeking greater opportunities.”

You can read the rest of the article here. Enjoy!

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  1. Knew it, knew it, knew it. Time to buy a house, ASAP

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