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A Nation of Two

As much as we have lived in Mexico these last four years, mostly we have lived alone in a world of our own construct. Throughout our relationship we’ve always been close. I distinctly remember the year we met, during our ritual of watching The Practice and eating takeout in Malcolm’s tiny first floor dorm room every Sunday night, friends would knock to come in for web cam antics + Magic Hat #9+ Pennywise, only to realize we were deep in the reverie of courtship and Marla Sokoloff. Not much has changed since 1999. We are still most content doing funny bits about whatever we are watching, enjoying a cocktail, while the world goes on without us. A storm rages outside but inside we are content.

Coming to Mexico as an engaged couple we were thrown into situations slightly more dramatic and taxing than choosing a china pattern or a caterer. We had no place to live after two reserved hotel nights. It was scary because we made it that way. We needed a little real(ish) fear. It required great faith, and for us each to function highly in order instill confidence in the other person. And what is marriage, if not that very feat, done everyday, over and over in myriad ways minute and enormous? I know these lessons will serve us well when we return to the world of separate work and social engagements, because we thrive on this island of awesome that exists wherever we are together.

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