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Things to do in Yucatan Before I Leave aka My Yucket List

  1. Dance all night at The Mambo Cafe
    We had our wedding reception at this live music venue/dance club at the Plaza Las Americas mall and it was amazing, shiny, loud, and vibrating. But I was a little distracted/overwhelmed/intoxicated and would love to go back to shake my money maker without worrying about our forty friends and family members wandering around Mexico unchaperoned. Plus, we were a little conspicuous, taking up multiple banquettes with bottle service and shenanigans and I would like an opportunity to observe and soak up the atmosphere from a slightly less prominent position.
  2. Visit Tulum
    The very word evokes majesty and mysticism, ancient ruins built on cliffs overlooking the sea.
  3. Ride the red double-decker bus
    This falls under the heading be a tourist in your own town which is one of those don’t sweat the small stuff/101 ways to be happier self-help suggestions that you always intend to do on a Saturday before you realize there’s a True Life marathon on MTV and that you have a slothful responsibility to eat cream cheese right from the wrapper and heckle the pregnant teenage meth addicts who need breast augmentation to be more successful celebrity impersonators in their South Florida town. We no longer have satellite television so I have no excuse. It’s time to brush the treetops along the Paseo de Montejo with my fingers!
  4. See Elton John Live at Chichen Itza
    Truly, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. He’s giving a concert on April 3rd at the site of one of the 7 wonders of the world. It’s odd, it’s incongruous, it’s possibly offensive, but it also sounds like a real spectacular-spectacular. Honestly, I don’t really much care about Elton John. I mean, I’m no weirdo; when Tiny Dancer comes on the radio and I’m alone in the car you know I am singing loud and with my eyes closed-other than that I’m rather meh about that bedazzled piano player. But this I’ve got to see.
  5. Swim with the dolphins
    Who doesn’t love a porpoise? BTW, have you heard of this guy? He loved a porpoise too much. Anyway. I want to squeeze their squelchy gray skin with my knees with my arms raised in victory. I want to watch them jump over my head. I want to look a dolphin in the eye. Listen, I don’t like the idea of a wild animal in captivity any more than you do, but this is not a blog about justice, ideals or social action, as you know. This is about us doing stuff and getting stuff and rocking out and being awesome. And what I want is to swim with one of those whip-smart Bottlenose bastards.

This is all I have so far, but I”m open to suggestions. So tell me: what’s the coolest thing you’ve done in Yucatan?

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  1. Can we join you with that yucat list? I’d like to go see the mangroves up somewhere past Telechac Puerto, swim with the whales in Tulum, visit Belize for a weekend, cenotes at cezuma, oh and a bullfight.

    PS – i’ve got 12 weeks to do all this

  2. I mean Yucket list

  3. I’ve wanted to do that San Crisanto trip for a while. Perhaps someday soon the weather will change and we can all go.

  4. Swimming with the dolphins is an awesome experience, but I also recommend swimming with the Whale Sharks in Isla Holbox. It was a sublimely surreal experience that I’ll remember forever. The season kicks up again in mid-May, so maybe y’all can squeeze it in before you leave. Here’s the link to our experience, which includes a nod to Dropped In:

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