Note: This website is no longer being updated with new posts.
Still, it documents an important time in our lives, so we're leaving it on the internet for posterity.

About Us

We’re Malcolm and Jillian, two young Americans who decided against waiting until retirement to bail out on America, hit the road, and live out our dreams. Our blog has been around for a couple of years now, and a lot has changed. Here’s how we introduced ourselves to the world way back in October 2005, when we lived in a weird attic apartment in New Haven, Connecticut, fresh off a five year stint in Brooklyn, NY:

“We’re Malcolm and Jillian. This is our ongoing life development plan. We’re not sure what we want, we just know what we don’t. We’ve got big ideas and half-assed executions, we’ve got varied interests (Jillian loves Proust, Malcolm loves Deceptacons). We like music, books, movies, and the sound of each other’s voices. We’re gonna talk about all these things. We will write, we will refer, we will show you pictures. We just got engaged. We’re vain and self-absorbed. We want to use this space to allow others to track this next exciting year of our lives. We want you all to know our story, without ever having to actually speak to you.”

A lot has changed since then, and a lot has not. This blog is still an attempt to chronicle our life development plan. We’ve still got big ideas, and we’re still fairly self-absorbed, but our executions have gotten decidely less half-assed. We’re no longer engaged, but we are married. But most of all, the blog doesn’t any longer seem to be about Decepticons or Proust. We’re no longer trying to communicate that common twentysomething vague feeling of loss, meaninglessness, and emptinesses through posts about YouTube, pirate hookers, or Nintendo. And for the last year, it hasn’t been about the planning and the maybes of Mexico.

Now, the thinking, imagining and dreaming is over. These are the chronicles of the day-to-day of living, working, and loving in Yucatan, Mexico, one of the most vibrant places we’ve ever seen. Stick around.