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The Reports of my Death are Greatly Exaggerated

As they are wont to do in a small town, the so-called “coconut wireless” has been abuzz with news of our departure. Gawd, what a dicky sentence. What am I, the Pope? Actually, I’m pretty sure no one has noticed our plans to leave, since following our year’s hiatus, no one really reads this blog […]

10Mar2010 | | 14 comments | Continued
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Reviewed: Hotel Ibis in Merida

Having stayed in our share of small Mexican hotels that are trying to copy the larger chains, usually with limited success, we had been regarding the newly-opened Ibis Hotel with a bit of a raised eyebrow. An overnight in “the big city” is not uncommon for us; we book a hotel room at the drop […]

26Feb2010 | | 8 comments | Continued
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Norte #33 was a Doozy

I am typing this from the one room in the house that has power, after getting socked for the last 24 hours with one of the most powerful nortes I have ever seen. The waves were breaking on people’s houses, and our neighbor’s house was covered in foam that was being spit up from the […]

25Feb2010 | | 0 comments | Continued
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Renovating Our Beach House, Volume 7

If you have been following along, you know it has been a long road to take our squat, one-level “beach box,” a structure whose only intended purpose was to have a shady place for a wealthy Meridano to hang a hammock and drink a Sol in the summer, and turn it into a modern, year-round […]

5Feb2010 | | 0 comments | Continued
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Renovating Our Beach House, Volume 6

As we may have mentioned in prior volumes, our house was built by the previous owners one room at a time, as money allowed, with no (as far as we can tell) over-arching plan driving the whole thing. Because of this, the bedroom was tacked on to the house with a separate entrance, which meant […]

3Feb2010 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Dropped Out.

Jillian: How will it end, I wonder? In order to address this unanswerable question with poetry and symmetry, I look back to the beginning. Rereading the early entries, from the planning stages to our first enthralled weeks in Mexico, through all the trials up to this present moment; as I listen to the waves, I […]

4May2009 | | 20 comments | Continued
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Only in Mexico: Electrified Flyswatter

In Mexico, there is a general assumption that you, as a member of the public, are going to try not to do anything stupid. In particular, you are going to take basic steps to avoid hurting yourself. Our favorite working example of this attitude, and one you are probably tired of hearing us repeat, is […]

2Apr2009 | | 14 comments | Continued
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Searching for the American Dream…in Mexico

I just wanted to call everyone’s attention to this little nugget, which appeared in New American Media: “MERIDA, Mex. – At some point last fall, the one millionth American established residency here in Mexico. That makes Mexico the host nation for the largest American expatriate community in the world. There are now more Americans living […]

31Mar2009 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Loading Up the New Living Room

In this post, which I estimate will interest approximately four of our regular readers, one of whom will be my mom, I wanted to take a moment to show off how the living room is shaping up, now that we are loading it up with furniture. The fact is, shopping for furniture here is TOUGH. […]

11Mar2009 | | 20 comments | Continued
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Renovating Our Beach House, Volume 5

Our never-ending quest for a life more awesome recently completed its most important chapter: the renovation of the living room. This was an important step, for one reason only: We will finally be DRY. Look, when you are still in the States, the idea of a beach house sounds like total paradise. And most of […]

9Mar2009 | | 26 comments | Continued
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It’s Not All Margaritas and Monkeyshines

Just as trying to explain to some of our loved ones that we are down here building new lives, not giving up on our old ones, it can sometimes be difficult to explain that life down here isn’t just one, big, slow sip from a margarita. Here’s a rundown of our morning. 8:00AM: I wake […]

28Jan2009 | | 13 comments | Continued
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!Lunes Sabroso! Presents: Cone-Inn Pizza

I’ll be honest with you, just this once. Sometimes, when I am walking through my particular Mexican supermarket of choice, thinking about which product to choose for !Lunes Sabroso!, I often select an item which I know is going to be simply disgusting. After all, it’s much easier to write about a product that’s awful, […]

26Jan2009 | | 10 comments | Continued