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Entertaining at Home

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“I don’t need anything except this…and that’s the only thing I need, is this”

In order to arrive in Mexico unencumbered and unbearably light we sold, stored and defenestrated* the majority of our material possessions. (Our spiritual possessions we thought might come in handy) While living in the Suites del Sol, browsing the Sunday markets we aquired Cervantes, you may recall – we plan to go nowhere without his [...]

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The Good Woman of Chelem

Well, “good” is a bit of a stretch and “woman” while technically true still feels like an exaggeration (even though I turn 30 in less than 50 days). I do live in Chelem, more or less, for now, and with much publicized reluctance. So wait, which part of this title is true or relevant or [...]

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Pre-Order Your Copy Today

I was buzzing around the Bitten blog, procrastinating, making travel plans, when I noticed a recipe with reference to a certain Yucatan fishing village down the road a pace. A shout-out to the Cuda (or I dare say the Shark?), very cool. Reading on, I happened upon this quote in a post about peas: while [...]

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The Opposite of Joiners

It’s not that we don’t like you it’s just that we like each other more. We had the best of intentions of meeting other blogging types this weekend on Isla Mujeres, and yet…we stayed close to home. Very close. Within an inch of home’s life. The very epicenter of home: we couched. We watched movies, [...]

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Easter Sunday at the Bullfight

Recipe for an ideal Easter Sunday: 1 part sitting on the deck eating shrimp 1 part tequila 3/4 part Controy 1/2 part duck 2 parts off-season bullfight in makeshift ring in Chelem Serve piping hot and enjoy. Serving Suggestions:

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Stop Drinking You’re Already Drunk: a story about moderation

You’re either a Paul or a John. It’s a binary system. You define yourself by your choices and there’s no going back. You can learn to modify behavior, consciously elect to make new attempts. But essentially you are always the same. Who you were when you were six is who you are at 30. A [...]

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Wedding Photos: User-Contributed Edition

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“While You Were Here the Fun Was Never Ending”

dear friends, You were all right and now you are gone again, scattered to every corner. It was a brief Utopian community, like college or better, since we all have some money and more sense. I liked it much better when I could see all your faces, but I also enjoy thinking about you back [...]

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“Yes, but where are the wheels?”

My sister is visiting us in Mexico. After 23 years she is still a bit of a mystery to me. I was 5 when Christine was born and none too thrilled with the new toy my parents brought home. I wasn’t a fan. Not for a while anyway. She smelled like butter for some reason [...]

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Been a While Since I Rapped At Ya

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Malcolm is 29 Today, Celebrate Him!

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A Typical Tuesday

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