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“I don’t need anything except this…and that’s the only thing I need, is this”

In order to arrive in Mexico unencumbered and unbearably light we sold, stored and defenestrated* the majority of our material possessions. (Our spiritual possessions we thought might come in handy) While living in the Suites del Sol, browsing the Sunday markets we aquired Cervantes, you may recall – we plan to go nowhere without his [...]

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America loves a monolithic enemy. What united a disparate and fledgling colony better than big bad daddy Britain? When were we more American than when we were facing off against Russia? Since the Cold War ended (it’s been sooo boring, right?) the focus on The Middle East and Islam has been a fairly successful stand-in. [...]

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Snark Takes a Holiday

How can you feel anything but inspired, hopeful, proud and glorious today? Congratulations, Mr. President-Elect and congratufuckinlations Democracy and to our renewed commitment to a reasonable, intelligent and a progressive America. This is a very great day indeed.

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A Connecticut Haunting or You Can’t Ghost Home Again*

I wonder if every theater in America has a ghost in the wings? This specter is an actor who was killed in a horrific stage accident. Or was it murder? In Clinton the suited man haunts stage left and is good luck for any production who feels his presence. The Andrews Memorial Town Hall is [...]

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From the Acropolis to Zeke the Greek’s Midnight Buffet*

Too much to drink yesterday calls for omelets today. My delicate condition reminds me of diners, another great American institution inexorably linked to immigrants, teenagers, the open road and late night cheese and gravy-covered fries. My first experiences at diners were with my grandparents, great fans of split pea soup and other culinary mysteries. They [...]

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Liberals, Doobies, Hippie-Hair, Politics, and Personal Identity

This election has transformed a lot of ordinary, “this is what I had for lunch” blogs into hotbeds of unbelievably heated political debate. As you have seen over the last few weeks, this has even affected our own humble little DroppedIn. Now, it’s one thing when Jillian jumps on late-night and drops a few barbs [...]

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The Flintstones is Based on a True Story

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Hope All Is Sunny In Superficial California

I will never live in Southern California, despite the lure of Beach Boys and fish tacos. I don’t trust a place without seasons; There you cannot cultivate pathos, wit or sincerity.

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A Sad Day for Side Show Beauties and Freaks

It’s an end of an era.

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Vault Over Country

If the corpse and the baby maker are proffered the White House this November , as it looks likely to happen since the hot grandma to be hit the ticket, I am considering defecting to Canada. I know, I know, I already live in Mexico and threatening to move to Canada is one those those [...]

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All By Myself (dont want to be)…

Alone in Mexico. All alone. Sadly, tragically and temporarily alone. Except for all the people and the 5 dogs I am hopelessly, existentially, maudlinly alone. Except for this beer swilling American on my left and that little guy reading The Bali Post to my right I am shipwrecked, abandoned, solo and sad. I used to [...]

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